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    Fiberglass Products in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast

    Number of pages: 97 Number of tables: 30 Number of figures: 15
    Language: Russian
    Released: 09.12.2010
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    Price: 2 000 Euro

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    In this report the characteristics of major markets of fiberglass consumption is given. 
    The study includes 97 pages and contains 30 tables and 15 figures. 
    It focuses on the characterization of fiberglass products (chapters 1-3) with a predominant detailing products from continuous fiberglass (as compared to products made of staple fiberglass), as well as an assessment of the major markets for their consumers. 
    In characterizing the consumption authors tried, whenever possible, to provide a digital estimate of their capacity. Each area of application of fiberglass products deserves a separate study, but this is hardly fully achievable task within the allotted time. Nevertheless, the presented study gives a fairly clear picture of both the competitive advantages of fiberglass products, and existing and potential demand for this product. 
    This study is a complementary extension of the study "Fiberglass Market Research in Russia and CIS Countries." 
    We used the information of the market players, the statistics of the Federal Service of State Statistics (FSSS) of Russia. 
    This study may be of interest for professionals involved in the promotion of fiberglass products on the markets of Russia.


    1. Structure of production of fiberglass products 
    2. Staple fiberglass products 
    2.1. Fiberglass mat 
    2.1.1. LLC " Fiberglass Plant " (Voskresensk) 
    2.1.2. LLC "Ahlstrom Tver” 
    2.1.3. JSC "Ivotsteklo" 
    2.2. Consumption of insulating materials and products in Russia 
    3. Continuous fiberglass products 
    3.1. Fiberglass fabrics 
    3.1.1. Electroinsulating fiberglass fabrics 
    3.1.2. Structural fiberglass fabrics 
    3.1.3. Roofing fiberglass fabrics 
    3.1.4. Multi-axial fabrics 

    3.2. Fiberglass mesh 
    3.2.1. Road fiberglass mesh 
    Capacity of market 
    3.2.2. Building fiberglass mesh 
    3.2.3. Abrasive fiberglass mesh 

    4. Fiberglass-reinforced plastics 
    4.1. Pressmaterials 
    4.2. Fiberglass-reinforced plastics 
    4.2.1. Characteristics of fiberglass-reinforced plastics 
    4.2.2. Manufacture of fiberglass-reinforced plastics 
    4.3. Application of fiberglass-reinforced plastics 
    4.3.1. Fiberglass-reinforced plastics in construction 
    4.3.2. Fiberglass-reinforced plastics in transport machine building 
    4.3.3. Other end-uses of fiberglass-reinforced plastics 

    4.4. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic pipes 
    4.4.1. Characteristics 
    4.4.2. Manufacturing 
    4.4.3. Consumption of glass-reinforced plastic pipes in oil and gas industry 
    4.4.4. Pipeline network of housing and communal services 

    5. Fiberglass wallcovering 
    6. Conclusion 

    Annex: Contact data of company-producers of fiberglass products 

    Table 1. Structure of production of heat-insulating materials from fiberglass by enterprises in 2007-2009, thousand m3 
    Table 2. Manufacture of fiberglass mat in Russia in 2003-2009 by enterprises, thousand m2 
    Table 3. Technical data of fiberglass mat NICOglass 
    Table 4. Characteristics of pierced products of JSC "Ivotsteklo" 
    Table 5. Basic manufacturers of fiberglass fabrics in Russia 
    Table 6. Summary table of insulating fiberglass fabrics, produced by in Russia 
    Table 7. Summary table of structural fiberglass fabrics, produced in Russia 
    Table 8. Specifications for multi-axial fabric "Armaton", produced by JSC "Steklonit" 
    Table 9. Characteristics of meshes made of glass fiber 
    Table 10. Specifications of road mesh, produced by LLC "Sudogda fiberglass-reinforced plastics" 
    Table 11. Characteristics of road mesh Armapal 
    Table 12. Specifications of geo-meshes, produced by JSC "Steklonit" 
    Table 13. Targets and indicators of the subprogram "Motor Roads" 
    Table 14. Specifications for fiberglass reinforcing facade mesh Bensten, produced by JSC "Steklonit" 
    Table 15. Range of building fiberglass meshes "Krepiks", produced by LLC "BauTeks" 
    Table 16. Specifications for lathes, produced by LLC "Sudogda fiberglass-reinforced plastics" 
    Table 17. Characteristics of fiberglass meshes, produced by JSC "NZSV" 
    Table 18. Characteristics of fiberglass meshes, produced by JSC "Astrakhan fiberglass" 
    Table 19. Characteristics of fiberglass meshes, previously produced by JSC "Fiberglass Plant " 
    Table 20. Characteristics of fiberglass meshes of LLC "Company League", imported by Russia 
    Table 21. Characteristics of fiberglass meshes of company Saint Gobain Technical Fabriss, imported by Russia 
    Table 22. Characteristics of fiberglass meshes of company Vitrulan Textilglas GmbH, imported by Russia 
    Table 23. Basic producers of pressmaterials (dynamics in 2003-2009), t 
    Table 24. Dynamics of production of fiberglass-reinforced plastics by the main producers in 2003-2009, t 
    Table 25. Comparative characteristics of the materials for the production of window and door blocks 
    Table 26. Dynamics of production of glass-basalt-reinforced plastic pipes in Russia in 2003-2010, km 
    Table 27. Comparative evaluation of production of fiberglass-reinforced plastic pipes and pipe-substitutes in the oil industry in 2007-2009, km, % 
    Table 28. The total area of commissioned buildings (annually) in Russia in 2003-2009, thousand m2 of total area 
    Table 29. Range and prices on products of LLC "Vitrulan Textilglas" 
    Table 30. Range and prices on products supplied by LLC "Norteks"

    Figure 1. The structure of commodity production of fiberglass 
    Figure 2. Dynamics of production of heat-insulating materials 
    from staple fiberglass in Russia in 2003-2010, thousand m3, % 
    Figure 3. The structure of consumption of fiberglass mat in Russia 
    Figure 4. Dynamics of production of fiberglass mat in Russia in 2003-2009, thousand m2, % 
    Figure 5. The classification of fiberglass fabrics, manufactured in Russia 
    Figure 6.  Fiberglass meshes market structure
    Figure 7. Demand for road mesh in road construction in 2011-2015, mln m2 
    Figure 8. Dynamics of production of fiberglass meshes in JSC "Astrakhan fiberglass" in 2005-2010, mln rubles 
    Figure 9. Dynamics of production of abrasive tools in Russia in 2004-2009, mln rubles 
    Figure 10. Dynamics of production of pressmaterials in Russia in 2003-2009, t, % 
    Figure 11. Dynamics of production of fiberglass-reinforced plastics in Russia in 2003-2009, t 
    Figure 12. Dynamics and production structure of glass-basalt-reinforced plastic pipes by application in 2003-2010, km, % 
    Figure 13. Amounts of financial cost for the replacement and repair of pipe networks of communal services in 2007-2009, mln rubles, km 
    Figure 14. Dynamics of wallpaper production in Russia in 2003-2009, thousand conv. pieces, % 
    Figure 15. Estimated capacity of the market of glass wallcovering, depending on the percentage of their use, thousand m2 (as of 2009)


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