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    Research of Technology, Methods and Practice of Sulfur Utilisation in Russia (2nd edition)

    Number of pages: 100 Number of tables: 16 Number of figures: 8
    Language: Russian
    Released: 26.03.2015
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    This report is the second edition of the study of existing technologies, methods and practices of utilization of sulfur in Russia.

    The purpose of the study - analysis of technologies, methods and practices of utilization of sulfur in Russia.

    Object of research - technologies for the utilization of sulfur.

    The presented work was carried out in 2 stages: desk research and field activities. In the first phase were analyzed multiple sources of information, first of all, data of state bodies. There have also been involved materials businesses, the media and the Internet, the database of "INFOMINE". In the second stage, the collected data were verified and refined through telephone interviews with specialists of the involved enterprises.


    The report consists of 6 sections, contains 100 pages, including 8 figures, 16 tables and 2 appendices.

    In the first Chapter of the report presents information about the global experience sulphur recovery.

    The second Chapter is devoted to existing technologies, methods and techniques of utilization of sulfur in Russia.

    In the third Chapter presents data on the methods and means of storage of sulfur.

    In the fourth Chapter of the report presents information about Russian organizations involved in the utilization of sulfur.

    In the fifth Chapter discusses the companies that implement (assuming implement) methods of disposal of sulfur.

    The sixth Chapter is devoted to forecast of implementation of the developed technologies and disposal methods sulfur in Russia for the period up to 2030.

    The Appendix presents addresses and contact information of enterprises involved in recycling of sulfur in Russia.


    Target audience research:

    - market participants and sulfur products based on sulphur - producers, consumers, traders;

    - potential investors.


    This research claims to be a reference tool for marketing services and for decision management solutions, working in the market of sulfur and seroprotection.





    I. World experience sulphur recovery


    II. Development of methods and technologies of recycling of sulfur in Russia

    II.1. The production of building materials

    II.1.1. Sulfur cement and sulfur concrete

    -II.1.2. The sulfur-asphalt and sulfur-asphalt concrete

    II.1.3. Impregnation of building materials melt and an aqueous solution of sulfur

    II.2. The use of sulfur for the production of new types of fertilizers and plant protection means

    II.3. The use of sulphur and its compositions as additives to polymers and oils

    II.3.1. Sulfur as a stabilizer of polymers of vinyl chloride

    II.3.2. Oil additives

    II.4. The production of high-purity sulfur

    II.5. Processing of sulfur and its compounds to sulfides and polysulfides


    III. Methods and ways of storing sulfur

    III.1. Global experience sulfur storage

    III.2. Storage of sulfur in various enterprises of Russia


    IV. Organization of Russia dealing with sulphur recovery

    IV.1. LLC "Gazprom VNIIGAZ" (Moscow)

    IV.2. LLC "NIIZHB" (Moscow)

    IV.3. JSC "Gintsvetmet" (Moscow)

    IV.4. Innovation center "Chemtec" (Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan)

    IV.5. Norilsk industrial Institute (Norilsk)

    IV.6. Kazan national research technological University (Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan)


    V. Russian enterprises that implement (assuming implement) sulphur recovery methods

    V. 1. JSC Gazprom (Moscow)

    V. 2. LLC "Engineering" (Astrakhan)

    V. 3. Polar division of OJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel (Norilsk)

    V. 4. LLC NPP "Prospectus" (Ryazan)

    V. 5. JSC "Ural copper-smelting plant (Revda, Sverdlovsk region).


    VI. The conclusions. The forecast of the methods of disposal of sulfur in Russia for the period up to 2030


    Appendix 1. Address book organizations involved in the utilization of sulfur in Russia

    Appendix 2. Address book companies, which implement methods of disposal of sulfur, as well as offering equipment for the production of sulfur concrete and cerebrality in Russia

    Table 1: Conventional classification of the various forms of elemental sulfur

    Table 2: Mechanical properties of sulfur concrete and concrete based on cement

    Table 3: properties of sulfur concrete

    Table 4: range of mobile plants for the production of sulfur concrete of production of JSC "Kazan plant of RV"

    Table 5: Summary table of indicators of physical and mechanical properties of asphalt-bituminous mixtures

    Table 6: Physico-mechanical properties of concrete before and after sulfur impregnation and MMA

    Table 7: Physico-mechanical properties of cement mortar before and after impregnation with a solution of sulfur

    Table 8: Angle of repose of the mixture gas sulphur - bentonite depending on their ratio

    Table 9: Yield and quality of potatoes under the influence of the modified sulfur gas

    Table 10: Value of thermal stability time of PVC compositions

    Table 11: Physical and mechanical properties of polysulfides

    Table 12: Properties of binders bitonality

    Table 13: Composition of sulfur concrete proposed Norilsk industrial Institute, and their characteristics

    Table 14: Dependence of the reduction of the strength characteristics of sulfur concrete from their water saturation

    Table 15: Values of factors of safety sulfur concretes when exposed to frost

    Table 16: Physico-mechanical characteristics of the optimal composition of sulfur concrete

    Figure 1. A generalized variant of the technology of production of sulfur concrete, widely spread in the world

    Figure 2. Technology of production of sulfur concrete, developed by the innovation center "Chemtec"

    Figure 3: flow diagram for production of sulphur and polysulphides waste of silica gel and materials on their basis

    Figure 4: flow sheet of production of polysulfide and bitumpolysulfide binders

    Figure 5: Scheme of the "sarcophagus", made of sulphur concrete, storage lump and granulated sulfur according to the method of LLC "Engineering"

    Figure 6: Schematic diagram of the operation of the apparatus of the vortex layer (ABC) produced by "Engineering"

    Figure 7: development of the production of materials on the basis of sulfur in three key regions (the Central Federal district, southern Federal district, Volga Federal district) for the period up to 2030, kt

    Figure 8: development of the production of materials on the basis of sulfur on the whole territory of Russia for the period up to 2030, kt kt


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