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За годы работы в отрасли аналитической отчетности, наши сотрудники накопили богатый опыт, которым с удовольствием делятся с читателями профильных изданий. 

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    12 March 2020
    Participation in the conference
    General Director Igor Petrov resented a report “Export Positions of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy in Russia and Prospects for the Supply of High Converted Products to Foreign Markets” in the...
    24 February 2020
    Company news
    Deputy Director of INFOMINE Research Group Mr. Mikhail Burshtein took part in the international conference on petroleum coke, held on February 24 in San Diego (USA). Within the framework of the...
    29 January 2020
    Company news
    After a break, the company resumed trips to industrial enterprises. This time our way lay in Korolev city. It was there that a new production facility for the processing of rare-earth raw materials...
    30 December 2019
    Results of the company in 2019
    In 2019, the Infomine Research Group company completed more than 70 studies. A feature of the past year was an increase in the number of custom-made works while reducing sales of finished...
    05 December 2019
    Participation in the conference
    General Director Igor Petrov took part in the conference “Mineral resources of high technology metals. Development, reproduction, use”, which was held on December 3-4, 2019 in Moscow...
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    • Igor Petrov
      The main trends of the Russian market of metal powders for additive technologies // Additive Technologies, 2019, No. 1, pp. 12-14
    • Victoria Lymar
      World and Russian markets for boron-containing products // Mineral resources of Russia. Economics and Management, 2019, No. 2.
    • Igor Petrov
      Lead Market in the CIS // Mineral Resources of Russia, 2019, No. 1, p. 75-77
    • Igor Petrov
      On the classification of rare metals based on market demand // Mineral Resources of Russia, 2019, No. 5, p. 47-49
    • Petrov I.M.
      About the problem of "critical" metals // “Mineral resources of Russia. Economics and Management ", 2018, № 1
    • Petrov I.M.
      "Critical" deficient types of mineral raw materials in Russia // Rational exploration of mineral resources, 2018, №4
    • Gasanov A.A., Naumov A.V., Yurasova O.V., Petrov I.M., Litvinova T.E.
      Some trends in the global market of rare-earth metals and Russia's prospects // “News of universities. Nonferrous metallurgy ", 2018, № 4.
    • Petrov I.M.
      Cobalt comes out of the shadow // Metal Supply and Sales, 2018, No. 5
    • Yushina T.I., Petrov I.M., Cherny S.A.
      On the export of enrichment concentrates and the need for their deep processing in Russia // Ore dressing, 2018, No. 6
    • Eugenia Belousova
      World and Russian markets of titanium raw materials // Mineral resources of Russia. Economics and Management, 2018, №6
    • Tatiana Yushina, Igor Petrov
      "Critical" metals and assessment of their import dependence for Russian industry // Mining Journal, 2018, №12.
    • Irina Koloskova
      Overview of the market for clays, kaolins and feldspars for the production of building ceramics in Russia // "Mineral resources of Russia. Economics and Management", 2017, № 1.
    • Igor Petrov
      Qualitative research or announcements and semi-finished products ... How is the market for marketing research of industrial applications // electronic version, September 2017

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    March 2020

    Project in the Ferrous Metallurgy of Russia

    March 2020

    Hydrogen Peroxide in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (8th edition)

    March 2020

    Sodium Cyanide in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (7th edition)

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