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    17 October 2019
    Participation in the conference
    INFOMINE General Director Igor Petrov took part in the 8th All-Russian Conference “Copper, Brass, Bronze: Production and Consumption Trends”, which was held on October 17, 2019 in Moscow (organized by the Metal Supply and Sales magazine) and made a presentation “Overview of the main trade flows of copper rolling in the world".
    16 September 2019
    Group of Industrial Experts
    We are announcing the creation of a Group of industrial experts in the field of solid minerals and their processing.
    02 September 2019
    Company news
    INFOMINE Research Group is included in the Russian Industry Encyclopedia, which describes the experience of the most successful companies in various fields of activity.
    27 August 2019
    Company news
    The INFOMINE Research Group received a letter of appreciation from one of the largest Russian enterprises for the production of oils, lubricants and technical fluids - Gazpromneft - Lubricants LLC.
    19 April 2019
    Articles of our staff
    In the journal “Mineral Resources of Russia. Economics and Management” (No. 2/2019) published an article by company expert Victoria. Lymar "World and Russian markets of boron-containing products"
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    Results of the company in 2018

    27 December 2018

    In 2018, the Research Group InfoMine performed over 65 studies.

    The peculiarity of the past period was an increase in the number of commissioned works with a slight reduction in sales of finished research. In general, instability is still typical for the market research of industrial products.
    In general for the year, the research activity index of the market was -7% compared with 2017.
    Russian companies are the main customers of our research, their share in 2018 increased to 83%.

    In 2018, Russian companies were among our new customers:
    Apatit JSC, Bayer JSC, Ural Steel JSC, State Transport Leasing Company PJSC, Novorosmetall LLC, Faberlik OJSC, ODK-Aviadvigatel JSC, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Mining and Chemical Combine, JSC “Roskhimzashchita Corporation”, PJSC Rusolovo, LLC Transvagonmash, PJSC Vladimirsky Chemical Plant, LLC Sukholozhskcement, LLC Mosstroytrans LLC, Nika-Petrotek LLC, Sibugol LLC, BS Company LLC Dmitrov ”, LLC PMH-Transport, LLC Trumpf, LLC OKS-Trade, LLC NIOST, LLC Formmaterialy, LLC Ural-Cement, PJSC Novoorskaya Ceramics, LLC Pskov Plant Titan-Polymer, LLC TD Uralizvest, JSC Tulagiprokhim, Plant ZST, LLC Heat Floors, OOO ERG Sales, LLC RK Energostroy, JSC Elektromash and others

    as well as a number of CIS companies: Eurasian Group LLP, Pavlodar-Soda LLP, ERG Research and Engineering Center LLP, NEGS Geosphere LLP (all - Kazakhstan), Avtooyna LLC (Uzbekistan); “Bakai-Ata Minerals” LLC, “New-Tech” LLC (Kyrgyzstan).

    The main research topics of the company in 2018 are chemical products (40%), metals (20%), non-metallic raw materials and building materials (20%).
    By order of companies in Russia and the CIS countries a number of studies were performed:

    Cable Plastic Market in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast (5th edition)
    Market Overview of Lime Used in Steel Production in Russia and Kazakhstan
    Market Overview of Cretaceous Additives for the Production of Polymer Products in Russia
    Overview of the markets for caustic soda and chlorine-containing products in the Siberian Federal District of Russia
    Petroleum Refining Catalysts in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast (4th edition)
    Market Review of Reduced Iron Directly (DRI / HBI - DRI / HBI) in Russia and the World (2nd Edition)
    Overview of the market of engineering services in the industry of non-ferrous and precious metals
    Corrosion Inhibitor Market Overview in Russia
    Overview of raw materials for the production of PET, PET granules, polyester yarns and fibers in the Russian Federation
    and other CIS countries
    Overview of the market of granulated metallurgical slag in Russia

    The experts of InfoMine have also updated a number of studies that are “significant” for us:
    Petroleum coke (raw and calcined) market research in the CIS (20th edition)
    Review of the state and development projects of the steel industry in Russia and Kazakhstan (13th edition)
    Soda Ash in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (12th edition)
    Rare Earth Elements (Metals) Market Overview in the CIS and World (11th edition)
    Feldspar raw materials market in the CIS (11th edition)
    Boron, boron products and boric acid market review in Russia and worldwide (8th edition)
    Steel grinding (grinding) balls and equipment for their production in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (7th edition)
    Quartz Glass Sand Market in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (7th edition)
    Barite Products in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (7th edition)

    Among the studies on new topics for the company should be highlighted:
    Market Overview vanadium catalysts for the production of sulfuric acid in Russia
    Overview of the market of pomegranate sand in Russia and the world
    Overview of the market of oil additives in Russia
    Overview of the market of dredgers in Russia
    Rare gas market review (neon, krypton, xenon) in Russia and Ukraine
    Overview of the market of engineering services in the field of oil refining and petrochemical industry in Russia

    In 2018, experts of the company published 5 articles in scientific and popular science publications. The staff also made 8 reports at various conferences, seminars and meetings.

    The company received 3 positive reviews - letters of recommendation from various organizations.


    Coming soon

    October 2019

    Silicon Dioxide (Silica White and Aerosil) in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (6th edition)

    October 2019

    Medicinal Isotopes in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast (4th edition)

    October 2019

    Anthracene Oil in Russia/CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (2nd edition)

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