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    Outlook of technologies and markets products of deep processing of coal

    Number of pages: 126 Number of tables: 13 Number of figures: 21
    Language: Russian
    Released: 26.12.2012
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    This report focuses on the study of advanced processing technology of coal. The report consists of four parts, contains 126 pages, including 21 Figures, 13 Tables, conclusions, and 2 appendices.
    Methodologically, the work was carried out in a "desk" research. Numerous sources of information, especially scientific and technical literature: a review of patents, abstracts, articles, and other background information. In addition, we used data of sectoral and regional mass-media, internet-sites of company.
    The introduction gives a brief description of possible technologies for coal processing (adaptive, diversification, transformative technology).
    In the first chapter of the report describes the adaptive technology of coal processing, including: enrichment of coal, briquetting and pelleting, obtaining and use of coal-water slurry fuel for coal and steel industry.
    The second chapter is devoted to the diversification technologies. Shown renewed interest in coal gasification technology, considered the technological aspects of underground coal gasification and its benefits. Also, the prospects for the implementation of the process of production of thermally sanitized solid fuels. Much attention is paid to the possibility of the production of motor fuels by hydrogenation of coal.
    The third chapterof the report presents data on the transforming technologies of coal processing. The list of products of non-fuel purposes, which can be obtained by processing of coal, including: humic fertilizers, mineral wax, lignin-alkaline reagent, carbon adsorbents. This chapter examines the technology of these products and provide a brief description of the market.
    In the fourth chapter of the report presents other possible areas of use of coal. Projects are considered separately SUEK in coal processing.
    Attached is a list of references and links to websites.



    I. Adaptive Technology
    I.1. Enrichment of coal
    I.2. Granulation and briquetting of coal
    I.3. Preparation of coal-water slurries and other liquid fuels with increased content of ultrafine fractions
    I.4. Pulverized coal for the steel industry

    II. Diversification of technology
    II.1. Production of refined heat of solid fuels (semi-coking)
    II.2. Coal gasification
    Methods for gasification of solid fuels
    Underground coal gasification
    Market analysis further processing of the synthesis gas produced in coal gasification processes, ammonia in methanol, and butyl alcohols
    Ammonia Production
    Production of methanol
    Oxo synthesis of butyl alcohol

    II.3. Hydrogenation of coal

    III. Transformative technologies for processing coal
    III.1. Production of humic fertilizer
    III.2. Production of lignin-alkaline reagent
    III.3. Release of mineral wax
    III.4. Production of carbon adsorbents

    IV. Others
    IV.1. Extraction of coal bed methane
    IV.2. Production of carbon fiber reinforced plastics
    IV.3. Projects SUEK
    IV.3.1. Production carbide, calcium cyanamide and cyanide
    IV.3.2. Production of soda ash and caustic soda
    IV.3.3. Production of liquid glass and hollow glass microspheres
    IV.3.4. Production of cement
    IV.3.5. Processing ASW


    Appendix 1: Summary of the analysis of technologies for deep processing of coal
    Appendix 2: List of sources used

    Table 1: Share of enrichment of different brands of thermal coal,%
    Table 2: Introduction and projected coal preparation plants in the Kuznetsk Coal Basin on enrichment of steam coal (2002-2015).
    Table 3: The difference between the basic properties of HLA source of coal for various brands
    Table 4: Calculation of the potential use of coal for pulverized coal in blast furnaces Russia and Ukraine, mln t
    Table 5: Comparative characteristics of different brands of semi-coke of coal, coke nut
    Table 6: Characteristics of products obtained using «Termokoks"
    Table 7: Volume of the use of certain types of coke in Russia in 2009-2011, th. Tonnes
    Table 8: Estimated performance of enterprises PSU
    Table 9: Material balance hydrogenation of lignite Kan-Achinsk coal-pastoobrazovatele
    Table 10: Hydrogenation of various coal deposits at 10 MPa and 425 ° C.
    Table 11: Economic efficiency of production of motor fuels by hydrogenation of coal-Kan Achinsky
    Table 12: Cost of GTL production method of deep processing of coal CTL, developed by LLC "NPO Poliprom" rub. / T
    Table 13: The successful application of ASW in Russia

    Figure 1: Classification of complex technologies ("deep") coal processing
    Figure 2: Share of coal preparation * in the production of steam coal in 2007-2011.,%
    Figure 3: Briquetting plant coal company White Energy
    Figure 4: Diagram of the production line making MAS with partial enrichment of coal
    Figure 5: Comparison of the fuel component in the cost of 1 Gcal of heat energy by using natural gas and VUT (excluding the capital cost of construction), $
    Figure 6: Comparison of the cost of 1 Gcal of heat energy by using natural gas and VUT (including capital costs), $
    Figure 7: Schematic diagram of the technology "Termokoks"
    Figure 8: Schematic diagram of the technology "Termokoks-KC"
    Figure 9: Flow of underground coal gasification
    Figure 10: Options processing and use of UCG gas
    Figure 11: Flow sheet of production of the factory Sasol in South Africa
    Figure 12: Flow sheet of production of motor fuels from coal
    Figure 13: The technological process of production of activated carbon coal-based
    Figure 14: Structure of the "short" projects "monetization" of brown coal SUEK
    Figure 15: Schematic of the production of calcium carbide
    Figure 16: Schematic of the ammonia process for the production of soda ash by the Solvay method
    Figure 17: Flow sheet of production of sodium silicate and sodium silicate
    Figure 18: Flow sheet of production of dry cement
    Figure 19: Schematic flow sheet of wet cement
    Figure 20: Diagram of the process of production of dry cement on sites
    Figure 21: Flow chart of the integrated processing of coal ash Situated near Moscow


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