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    Barite Market Research Report | Russia Industry Analysis 2013-2018

    Number of pages: 21 Number of tables: 18 Number of figures: 5
    Language: English
    Released: 06.06.2019
    Delivery method:

    PDF Copy

    Pdf, Word, Excel - the version with the source data

    Price: 390 Euro

    This report studies Russia barite market, especially focuses on top manufacturers in regional market, with production, price, revenue and market share for each manufacturer, covering

    JSC Barit Group of Companies


    Market segment by regions, this report splits global Russian market into several Federal Districts (FO), with production, consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate of barite these regions, from 2013 to 2018, like

    Siberian FO


    Split by raw materials, with production, market share and growth rate of each type, can be divided into

    Barite ore

    Complex sulfide-barite ore


    Split by Forms, this report focuses on consumption, market share and growth rate of barite each form, can be divided into

    Barite concentrate

    Barite crushed stone

    Barite weighting agents



    The report including nine parts, the first part mainly introduced the product basic information; the second parts analyzed the raw materials for barite  production; the third part analyzed the methods of obtaining barite; the fourth part analyzed quality of products; the fifth part analyzed the yearly and monthly barite  production in Russia from 2013 to 2018 total and by company; the sixth part analyzed export and import of barite  in Russia; the seventh part analyzed barite domestic and export prices by producers; the eighth part analyzed consumption of barite in Russia by industrial sectors; the ninth part mainly analyzed base, production, financial and contact information for the largest barite producers in Russia and its large consumers.



    1. Introduction


    2. Raw materials for barite production


    3. Methods of obtaining barite


    4. Quality of products


    5. Barite production in Russia in 2013-2018

    5.1 Barite capacity by Russian companies

    5.2 Shares of the largest barite producers in Russia

    5.3 Barite production by enterprises


    6. Export and import of barite in Russia in 2013-2018


    7. Review of prices for barite in Russia in 2013-2018

    7.1 Domestic prices

    7.2 Export-import prices in Russia


    8. Consumption of barite in Russia in 2013-2018

    8.1 Consumption balance

    8.2. Sectoral structure of consumption


    9. Major Industry Players in Russia

    9.1 JSC Barit Group Companies

    Table 1: The main deposits of barite in Russia and their reserves, million tons

    Table 2: Requirements for the quality of barite concentrate class A  (GOST 4682-84)

    Table 3: Requirements for the quality of barite concentrate of class B  (GOST 4682-84)

    Table 4: Normalized indices of the quality of the weighting agent of barite powder gravity (TU 1769-006-00136716-2002)

    Table 5: Normalized indices of the weighting agent of barite powdered flotation (TU 2458-228-00147001-2001)

    Table 6: Barite production in Russia by federal districts in 2013-2018, kt

    Table 7: Barite concentrate production in Russia by enterprises in 2013-2018, kt

    Table 8: The volume of exports and imports of barite in the RF in commodity (kt) and monetary (mln $) in 2013-2018

    Table 9: The main supplier countries of barite products to Russia in 2013-2018, kt

    Table 10: The main suppliers of barite products to Russia in 2013-2017, kt

    Table 11: Export of Russian barite products in the direction of supplies  in 2013-2018, kt

    Table 12: Domestic prices of trader companies for barite concentrate in 2018, rubles / t

    Table 13: Export prices of Russian producers for barite products in 2013-2018, $ / t

    Table 14: Import prices of main countries for barite in 2013-2018, $ / t

    Table 15: The main indicators of barite market in Russia in 2013-2018, kt

    Table 16: JSC Barit Group Companies Basic Information List

    Table 17: The largest recipients of barite JSC Barit Group Companies in 2014-2018, kt

    Table 18: Financial indicators of JSC Barit Group Companies in 2014-2017, million rubles.

    Figure 1: Structure of barite ores reserves in Russia by federal districts (FO) as of 01.01.2018, %

    Figure 2: Dynamics of barite production in Russia in 2013-2018,  thousand tons

    Figure 3: Dynamics of exports and imports of barite in Russia in 2013-2018 by types, kt

    Figure 4: Dynamics of Russian export-import prices for barite in 2013-2018, $ / t

    Figure 5: Branch structure of consumption of barite products in Russia in 2018, %


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    Fuel cells for hydrogen energy in Russia and the world: Production, Market and Forecast

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