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    Semi-Precious Stone in the CIS: Resources, Production, Market and Forecast

    Number of pages: 72 Number of tables: 4 Number of figures: 24
    Language: Russian
    Released: 04.07.2008
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    Price: 2 000 Euro

    This report is currently available in Russian language only. However, we can provide an English version of the report within 3 weeks after receiving a payment.




    I. Brief characteristics of situation at market of facing stone


    II. Situation at market of resources of semi-precious stone and prospects of its utilization as facing stone


    III. Mineral resources base of various kinds of semi-precious stone resources in CIS, their mining and utilisation

    3.1 Kidney-stone

    3.2 Charoit

    3.3 Serpentinite

    3.4 Listvenite

    3.5 Jasper

    3.6 Agate, chalcedony, carneol

    3.7 Decorative firestone

    3.8 Petrified wood

    3.9 Rhodusite

    3.10 Disthene (Kyanite) slates

    3.11 Astrophyllite foyaite

    3.12 Eudialyte lujaurite

    3.13 Graphic pegmatite

    3.14 Amazonite pegmatite

    3.15 Coloured hornstone

    3.16 Datolite-wollastonite skarn

    3.17 Schungite slates and schungite


    4. Problems and possible ways of effective utilisation of semi-precious stone resources


    5. Innovations in stone working




    Appendix 1: Granite natural plate (supply of PJSC Standartstroiprom)

    Appendix 2: Marble plate – supply of PJSC Standartstroiprom

    Appendix 3: Granite in slabs - supply of PJSC Standartstroiprom

    Appendix 4: Marble in slabs - supply of PJSC Standartstroiprom

    Appendix 5: Current supply of interior material of firm LUXURY STONE (Moscow)

    Appendix 6: Supply of raw grade stone – firm Camelot

    Appendix 7: Contact information on company-producers of semi-precious stone resources

    Table 1: Balance deposits of semi-precious stone resources in Russia

    Table 2: List of enterprises, owning licenses on deposits of kidney-stone in Russia

    Table 3: Price-list of LLC «YaRKO» on chariot products

    Table 4: Large deposits of agate in Trans-Caucasus (Zakavkaz’e)

    Figure 1: Export supplies of kidney-stone by GP LLC «Sibir’geologiya», t

    Figure 2: Dynamics of domestic supplies of kidney-stone by GP LLC «Sibir’geologiya», t

    Figure 3: Kidney-stone spotted snuff-coloured, Ulan-Khodinskoe deposit (Buryatia)

    Figure 4: Kidney-stone green, unclearly-spotted, Ospinskoe deposit (Buryatia)

    Figure 5: Kidney-stone spotted – impregnated, Kurtushubinskoe deposit (Tyva)

    Figure 6: Charoit vein-spotted, deposit Sirenevy Kamen’ (Yakutia)

    Figure 7: Charoit wavy fine-aggregate, deposit Sirenevy Kamen’ (Yakutia)

    Figure 8: Listvenite green spotted-banded, deposit Pyshminsko-Klyuchevskoe (Urals)

    Figure 9: Jasper red, deposit «Gora Polkovnik» (Urals)

    Figure 10: Jasper yellowish-gray, deposit Anastas’evskoe (Urals)

    Figure 11: Jasper vein-spotted, variegated, Tungatarovskoe deposit (Urals)

    Figure 12: Dynamics of jasper supplies from «Gora Polkovnik» deposit, t

    Figure 13: Agate-carneol, Tuldunskoe deposit (Buryatia, Eravninsky district)

    Figure 14: Agate-sardius, Tuldunskoe deposit (Buryatia, Eravninsky district)

    Figure 15: Agate – diverse-banded, Golutvinskoe deposit (Moscow region)

    Figure 16: Agatized wood, Goderzskoe deposit (Georgia)

    Figure 17: Astrophyllite foyaite, massive specie, (Lovozero deposit)

     Figure 18: Astrophyllite foyaite, specie «Sun rain» (Lovozero deposit)

    Figure 19: Astrophyllite foyaite, specie «Sun», (Lovozero deposit)

    Figure 20: Amazonite bluish-green, Abchadskoe deposit (Northern Pribaikal’e, Buryatia)

    Figure 21: Amazonite dark-green, Ploskogorskoe deposit (Murmansk region)

    Figure 22: Datolite - wollastonite skarn, banded specie, deposit Dal’negorsk (Primorsky region)

    Figure 23: Datolite-wollastonite skarn, tortoise specie, deposit Dal’negorsk (Primorsky region)

    Figure 24: Schungite slate, deposit Shun’gskoe (Karelia)


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