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    Metal and Fiberglass Tanks and Vessels in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast

    Number of pages: 140 Number of tables: 40 Number of figures: 13
    Language: Russian
    Released: 10.09.2012
    Delivery method:

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    Price: 2 500 Euro

    This report is currently available in Russian language only. However, we can provide an English version of the report within 3 weeks after receiving a payment.


    The report is devoted to investigation of current standing of market of metal and fiberglass tanks and reservoirs in Russia and in the analysis of their application. The report consists of 6 Sections, contains 140 pages, including 13 Figure, 40 Tables and 2 Appendices.
    Methodologically, the work was carried out in a "desk" research. Analyzed information sources, we used data of state bodies - Federal Service of State Statistics of Russia, also data of companies, the Internet media materials and scientific and technical literature.
    The first chapter discusses the classification of and specifications used tanks and reservoirs.
    The second chapter describes the practice of metal tanks and vessels by type of use.
    In the third chapter of the report presents the practice of fiberglass tanks and reservoirs by type of use.
    The fourth chapter analyzes the price of metal and fiberglass tanks.
    The fifth Section of the report is an analysis of an assortment of tanks and reservoirs provides data on current commodity nomenclature of major Russian enterprises producing reservoirs and tanks.
    The sixth chapter describes the regulatory framework of production of tanks and reservoirs.
    The appendix contains a table of current prices in the tank or the main producers in June 2012, as well as contact information on the main players in this market.


    1. Characteristics of reservoirs and tanks

    1.1. Classification of reservoirs

    1.2. Classification of vessels

    1.3. Technical characteristics

    1.3.1. Metal tanks

    1.3.2. Glass-fiber tanks

    1.4. Production Technology

    1.4.1. Metal tanks

    1.4.2. Fiberglass tanks


    2. Practical Application of metal tanks

    2.1. Horizontal steel tanks for the underground storage of petroleum and ground (CSG)

    2.2. Vertical steel tanks (PBC)

    2.3. Capacity underground drainage type EP and EPP

    2.4. Vessels welded horizontal and vertical (SEE, EEE, HCC, HCE)

    2.5. Oil sumps

    2.6. Storage tanks for compressed gases (air, oxygen, argon, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, etc.)

    2.7. Spherical tanks and gas tanks

    2.8. Horizontal cylindrical vessels for liquefied petroleum gas

    2.9. Transport tanks

    2.10. Silo bulk materials

    2.11. Insulated containers

    2.12. Neftegazoseparatory (NHS)

    2.13. Equipment for hydraulic fracturing (HF)

    2.14. Capital equipment, workover and cementing.

    2.15. Electric dehydrators

    2.16. Air collectors, receivers gas

    2.17. Autoclaves and separators for the production of alumina

    2.18. Refrigerators drum

    2.19. Drying machines (dryers)


    3. The practice of applying fiberglass tanks

    3.1. Water tanks, fire tanks

    3.2. Stormwater treatment facilities (livnevki)

    3.2.1. Distribution wells

    3.2.2. Cyclone separator

    3.2.3. Oil-benzootdeliteli

    3.2.4. Sorption filters

    3.2.5. Monitoring wells

    3.3. Industrial waste water treatment

    3.3.1. Pumping Stations

    3.3.2. Tanks for sewage

    3.3.3. Septic Tank

    3.3.4. Flotation

    3.3.5. Grease

    3.3.6. Wastewater disinfection station (ADD)

    3.3.7. Separation chamber

    3.3.8. Fiberglass rotary shafts

    3.4. Oil storage tank

    3.5. Capacity for aggressive media


    4. Prices for the metal and fiberglass tanks


    5. Assortment analysis of metal tanks and containers


    6. Regulatory framework of production of tanks and reservoirs


    Appendix № 1: Current prices on the Russian market of tanks and reservoirs

    1. Metal containers

    1.1. Prices for horizontal bevel capacity LLC "InTehProm" (Fabrication Facility - Moscow)

    1.2. Prices for storage tanks LLC "Soltek" (V. Novgorod)

    1.3. Prices for storage tanks LLC "Soltek" (V. Novgorod)

    1.4. Prices for silo (storage for bulk materials) LLC "Soltek" (V. Novgorod)

    1.5. Prices for metal construction of horizontal and vertical tanks LLC "Transmash"

    1.6. Prices for metal structures underground drainage tanks (EP) Ltd. "Transmash"

    1.7. Prices for horizontal steel tanks underground installation climatic version 1 (art. VSt3ps) and climatic version 2 and 3 (art. 09G2S) with heating device and without

    1.8. Prices for horizontal steel tanks above ground climatic version 1 (art. VSt3ps) and climatic version 2 and 3 (art. 09G2S) with heating device and without

    1.9. Prices for steel vertical tanks climatic version 1 and climatic version 2 and 3

    1.10. Prices CJSC "Teploelektromontazh" on fire tanks

    1.11. Prices CJSC "Teploelektromontazh" on tanks for oil and petroleum products

    1.12. Prices of Rolex Group

    1.13. Prices LLC "Teplokor-M" on the vessel steel metal underground horizontal drainage (EP, EPR)

    1.14. Prices for gas reservoirs

    2. Fiberglass tanks

    2.1. Price list for fiberglass storage tanks LLC "Ecostroy" (Yaroslavl)

    2.2. Price list for fiberglass tank fire LLC "Ecostroy" (Yaroslavl)

    2.3. Price list for fiberglass tanks for fuel storage LLC "Ecostroy" (Yaroslavl)

    2.4. Price list for fiberglass vertical tank with a flat bottom of "Vanguard" (Smolensk region).

    2.5. Price list of the Moscow dealer for fiberglass septic tank

    2.6. Price list Ltd. "Ekoprovod" (Moscow region). For fiberglass tanks

    2.7. Price list for nakopitelshnye capacity "YUNILOS"


    Appendix 2: Contact information on the main players in the market

    1. Manufacturers of metal tanks and containers

    2. Manufacturers of fiberglass tanks and vessels

    Table 1. Geometric characteristics of the reservoir type RVS
    Table 2. Categories of warehouses for storage of oil and oil products
    Table 3. The main characteristics of the groups of tanks
    Table 4. Types of storage and transportation of oil and oil products
    Table 5. Recommended for use Russian steel grades
    Table 6. Sheet thickness wall tanks
    Table 7. Comparative characteristics of fiberglass tanks
    Table 8. Comparative characteristics of fiberglass tanks for the food industry
    Table 9. Standard sizes for horizontal steel tanks
    Table 10. Specifications and drawings of typical single-metal horizontal tanks
    Table 11. Weight and dimensions and drawings of typical double-walled metal tanks
    Table 12. Basic weight and sizes of standard vertical tanks
    Table 13. Technical characteristics
    Table 14. Standard sizes for drainage tanks
    Table 15. Material design of capacitive devices
    Table 16. Body material cylindrical steel welded vessels and equipment (GOST 9931-79)
    Table 17. Characteristics of oil sumps exhaust
    Table 18. Technical data on storage tanks for compressed gases
    Table 19. Types of oil and oil products transported by tankers
    Table 20. Specifications of tank cars
    Table 21. Specifications insulated containers
    Table 22. Specifications Capacity gelnoy
    Table 23. Lineup of air receivers and air collectors
    Table 24. Technical characteristics of the autoclaves and separators for the production of alumina
    Table 25. Specifications distribution wells
    Table 26. Specifications Desander
    Table 27. Specifications maslobenzootdeliteley
    Table 28. Specifications sorption filters
    Table 29. Specifications of control wells
    Table 30. Table mounting dimensions and prices for ANC of "SBM Group"
    Table 31. Basic hygienic characteristics of wastewater using septic tanks (using technologies of soil purification)
    Table 32. Comparative characteristics of fiberglass septic tanks and specialized systems of biological treatment
    Table 33. Specifications grease traps
    Table 34. Specifications station ADD
    Table 35. Key features and prices of the separation chamber
    Table 36. Specifications and prices rotary wells
    Table 37. Comparative prices fiberglass and metal filling tanks.
    Table 38. The company specializes in producing tanks and containers
    Table 39. The company specializes in producing tanks and containers (cont.)
    Table 40. Basic regulations, operating in tanks and containers in their production and use

    Figure 1. General view of the horizontal steel tank
    Figure 2. Tank equipment
    Figure 3. General view of the capacity of the drainage
    Figure 4. General view of the vertical capacitive apparatus
    Figure 5. General view of the settler OH
    Figure 6. General view of the oil-gas separator
    Figure 7. General view of a tractor trailer with a special capacity topping EBC
    Figure 8. General view of a tractor trailer with a special capacity-cleaning osrednitelno EOOK
    Figure 9. Standard structure stormwater treatment system
    Figure 10. Prices for steel vertical tanks climatic version 1 (art. VSt3ps) and climatic version 2 and 3 (art. 09G2S)
    Figure 11. Comparison of different types of horizontal steel tanks,%
    Figure 12. Prices LLC "Soltek" (V. Novgorod) to storage tanks with varying wall thickness, th.
    Figure 13. Prices for storage tanks of different materials, th. (VAT included)


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