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    Floatation Machine for Mineral Processing in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast

    Number of pages: 173 Number of tables: 36 Number of figures: 75
    Language: Russian
    Released: 30.03.2015
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    This report is the 1st edition of the research market flotation machines in Russia. In addition, it presents brief information about the current trends in the engineering of flotation equipment.

    Market monitoring conducted from 2001

    The purpose of research – market analysis of flotation devices in Russia.

    This work is a Desk study. As information sources used data of Rosstat, Federal customs service of Russia, official statistics of rail transportation of the Russian Federation, Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on statistics, sectoral and regional press, annual and quarterly reports of issuers of securities, and also Internet-sites of company-producers.

    The chronological scope of the study: 2001-2014; Outlook


    Geography research: Russian Federation.


    The report consists of 8 sections, contains 173 pages, including 36 tables, 75 figures and 2 appendices.

    The first Chapter describes the current trends in the engineering of flotation equipment. Currently, designing goes towards the creation of a large flotation devices and increasing the specific performance of vehicles, reduce energy consumption, simplify the design and implementation of optimal aeration.

    The second Chapter is devoted to Russian manufacturers of flotation machines. The focus is on "NPO "RIVS" (SAINT-Petersburg).

    In the third Chapter the volume of export and import of flotation equipment and features of the supplies.

    The fourth Chapter gives a brief description of the foreign manufacturers, machine which is installed in the domestic processing plants. Considered the volume of imports of the flotation of Russian enterprises.

    The fifth Chapter is devoted to the overview of price of machine of domestic and foreign production in 2007-2014

    The sixth Chapter is devoted to the analysis of the demand for machine in Russia

    in 2005-2014 is Considered as the main branches of Russian industry, using flotation. Special attention is paid to the production of copper, gold and Apatite concentrates.

    In the seventh Chapter briefly describes the main Russian factory using flotation.

    In the eighth Chapter are almost all announced projects to expand capacity and construction OF new processing plants, which will be used in the flotation process. Separately are described projects for the construction of new generation factories for enrichment of coking coal.

    In the ninth Chapter presents forecast of development of the market of flotation machines in Russia for the next 5-10 years.

    The Appendix presents contact information on the main enterprise-producers and consumers of the flotation.


    Target audience research:

    – manufacturers of flotation, the Ore mines;

    – potential investors.

    The proposed study claims the role of reference for marketing services and specialists taking management decisions, working in the market of processing equipment.





    I. Trends of modern machinery for the flotation

    1.1. Impeller machine

    1.2. Pneumatic flotation machine


    2. The production of flotation machine in Russia

    2.1. JSC "NPO "RIVS" (Saint Petersburg)

    Aeration knots REEF

    Modular rotor machine

    Rotor machine heaps of execution RIFTS

    Pneumatic flotation machine, RIPHPC

    The special purpose machine

    Attritioning and agitation complex

    Vats special purpose

                   Practice the installation of the flotation production RIVS concentrators

    2.2. LLC "Usolmash" (Irkutsk region)

    2.3. OJSC "Mashinostroitelny Zavod "Trud" (Novosibirsk)


    3. The analysis of foreign trade operations in flotation machines in Russia in 2001-2014

    3.1. Russian imports of flotation in 2001-2014

    3.2. Russian exports of flotation in 2001-2014


    4. Brief description of the foreign producers of the flotation products installed on the Russian OF

    4.1. Outokumpu Technology Outotec (Finland)

    4.2. FLSmidth (Denmark)

    4.4. Metso Minerals AB (Finland)

    4.3. Eriez Mineral Flotation Group (Canada)

    4.5. Other companies


    5. Price analysis

    5.1. Prices for machine production in Russia in 2007-2014

    5.2. Prices for machine foreign production in 2007-2014


    6. Analysis of the demand for machine

    6.1. Capacity of Russian market of flotation in 2005-2014

    6.2. Structure of consumption of flotation in Russia in 2005-2014

    6.3. Equipment of Russian enterprises by flotation

    6.4. Situational analysis and development prospects of the major consuming industries

    6.4.1. Mining of nonferrous metal ores The copper market The zinc market

    6.4.2. Mining gold ore

    6.4.3. The production of Apatite concentrate



    7. Brief description of the Russian flotation plants

    7.1. Flotation plant for the beneficiation of ores of non-ferrous metals

    7.2. Factory for obtaining feldspar concentrate

    7.3. Factory for obtaining Apatite concentrate

    7.4. The main gold processing plant using flotation concentration

    7.5. Factory for beneficiation of sylvinite ores

    7.6. Coal beneficiation plant using flotation for the beneficiation of thin classes

    7.7. Factory preparation of ores of ferrous metals

    7.8. Factory of enrichment of diamond containing ores

    7.9. The flotation concentrator at the stage of conservation or ceasing operations


    8. New projects for the construction of plants using flotation in the beneficiation of ores

    8.1. Projects to increase production of non-ferrous and precious metals

    8.2. Projects to increase mining and beneficiation of coking coal

    8.3. Projects to increase the production of Apatite concentrates

    8.4. The project to increase production of potassium salts


    9. Prospects and forecast of market development of flotation machines in Russia for the period up to 2025


    Appendix 1. Address book main consumers of the flotation in Russia

    Appendix 2. Address book manufacturers flotation devices in Russia

    The list of sources

    Table 1. The advantages and disadvantages of different types of flotation devices

    Table 2. Production units of JSC "RIVS" and their specialization

    Table 3. A list of the main beneficiation flotation plants with installed aeration units RIF production of JSC "NPO "RIVS"

    Table 4. Specifications rotor of the flotation machines RIF

    Table 5. Specifications Kanovich rotor of the flotation RIFTS

    Table 6. Technical characteristics of the aeration tanks RIVS for conditioning the ore pulp

    Table 7. Specifications contact tanks RIVS

    Table 8. Installation of the flotation was manufactured by "RIVS" on the domestic processing plants in 2005-2012

    Table 9. Examples of installation of the flotation was manufactured by "RIVS" to foreign processing plants in 2005-2013

    Table 10. Statement of profit and loss of JSC "Mashinostroitelny Zavod Trud" in 2007-2013, mln.

    Table 11. Dynamics of Russian export and import of flotation devices (including Kazakhstan) in 2001-2014, $ million, t

    Table 12. Change of regional structure of Russian import of flotation in 2008-2014, %

    Table 13. Imports of flotation equipment for foreign suppliers in 2008-2014, thousand $

    Table 14. Imports of flotation machines in Russia by countries in 2008-2014, thousand $, t

    Table 15. Exports flotation machines from Russia by company-producers in 2001-2014, $ million, t

    Table 16. Exports flotation machines from Russia by countries in 2001-2014, $ million, t

    Table 17. Deliveries of Outotec flotation devices in Russia in 2001-2014, t, mln $

    Table 18. Delivery of the flotation FLSmidth in Russia in 2002-2013, t, mln $

    Table 19. Delivery of the flotation Metso in Russia in 2001-2013, kt, mln $

    Table 20. Delivery of the flotation Eriez Mineral Flotation Group (CRT) in Russia in 2005-2014, t, mln $

    Table 21. Supply of flotation machines Henan Hongji Mine Machinery to Russia, t, mln $

    Table 22. Delivery of the flotation Zhengzhou Zhongding Heavy Duty Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Russia in 2011-2013, t, mln $

    Table 23. Delivery of the flotation Imhoflot G-Cell in Russia in 2001-2012, tons, million $

    Table 24. Delivery of the Aker flotation (production Minpro International BV, Norway) in Russia in 2006-2013, t, mln $

    Table 25. Delivery of the flotation of the Luhansk machine-building plant. Parkhomenko in Russia in 2005-2011, t, $million

    Table 26. Export prices on Russian machine (Russian border) in 2007-2013, thousand $

    Table 27. Prices for some imported models of flotation (border of Russia) in 2007-2014, thousand $

    Table 28. Installation of new flotation at Russian processing plants in 2005-2014

    Table 29. Capacity of Russian ore-dressing factories using flotation redistribution in the enrichment (2014) and mounted flotation equipment, million tonnes ore/year

    Table 30. Imports of flotation equipment processing plant of OJSC "Norilsk Nickel" in 2002-2013, t, mln $

    Table 31. Dynamics of import supplies of flotation devices in the OFFICE of JSC "Apatite"in 2003-2009, t, mln $

    Table 32. Dynamics of import supplies of flotation at Kovdorskiy GOK in 2003-2013, t, mln $

    Table 33. The main Russian gold processing plant with flotation redistribution in enrichment technology (2014), mln t

    Table 34. The main coal processing factories of the Russian Federation, using flotation concentration

    Table 35. Projects to increase ore extraction and coal enrichment using flotation, in 2015-2030, mln t

    Table 36. Forecast of development of Russian market of coking coal and coke to 2025, mln t

    Figure 1. The aeration Assembly machine FM-16УМ

    Figure 2. The share of Russian producers in the total production capacity of the flotation in Russia in 2010-2014, %

    Figure 3. Aeration production complex JSC "NPO "RIVS"

    Figure 4. The structure of the Park by flotation sizes undergoing modernization and replacement aerators manufactured by JSC "NPO "RIVS" in 1992-2012, %

    Figure 5. Mechanical flotation machine of RHYMES

    Figure 6. Pneumo-mechanical flotation machine RIF

    Figure 7. Rotor machine heaps of execution RIFTS

    Figure 8. The RIFTS at the processing plant

    Figure 9. The pneumatic circuit of the machine column type, RIPHPC

    Figure 10. Pneumo-mechanical flotation machine RIFKIN

    Figure 11. Ottiano-flotation complex OFK-REEF

    Figure 12. Contact vats and vats for steaming pulp of production of JSC "NPO "RIVS"

    Figure 13. Structure of production of flotation machines RIF at the sizes in 1998-2012, %

    Figure 14. Dynamics of export supplies of flotation RIVS in 2001-2014, t, mln $

    Figure 15. The flotation separation "Erdenet", equipped with flotation machines RIF-45

    Figure 16. Pneumo-mechanical flotation machine FPM 3.2 M (OOO "Usolmash")

    Figure 17. Mechanical flotation machine FM-6,3M1

    Figure 18. Pneumo-mechanical flotation machine of FPM-6,3 MIND

    Figure 19. Rotor Canova flotation machine FPM-16УМЧ

    Figure 20. Shokurova pneumo-mechanical flotation machine FPM-100УП

    Figure 21. Dynamics of export supplies of flotation, OOO "Usolmash" in 2001-2014, t, mln $

    Figure 22. Mechanical machine FM JSC "Zavod Trud"

    Figure 23. Mechanical flotation machine FMF production of JSC "Zavod Trud"

    Figure 24. Dynamics of Russian import/export of flotation in money terms in 2001-2014, $million

    Figure 25. Dynamics of Russian import of flotation in 2001-2014, t, mln $

    Figure 26. The share of foreign manufacturers in the Russian import of flotation in 2008-2014, %

    Figure 27. Dynamics of Russian export of flotation in 2001-2014, t, mln $

    Figure 28. Flotation machine Tank Cell (TC) of production Outotec

    Figure 29. The flotation machine Outotec SkimAir production

    Figure 30. Large-volume flotation machine FLSmidth SuperCell™

    Figure 31. Flotation machine Wemco SmartCellTM

    Figure 32. Rotor machine the Dorr-Oliver

    Figure 33. Flotation machine flotation Wemco quick

    Figure 34. Flotation machine RCS production Metso

    Figure 35. Flotation machines type Denver (DR) production Metso

    Figure 36. The column of the cell CISA Metso production

    Figure 37. Flotation machine, column Eriez Mineral Flotation Group

    Figure 38. The CoalPro column flotation (Eriez) for the Russian coal processing plant North

    Figure 39. StackCell flotation machine

    Figure 46. BQR flotation machine (Delkor)

    Figure 40. Column Jameson Cell for prechistoi copper flotation at the OFFICE Prominent Hill (Australia)

    Figure 41. Machine Henan Hongji Mine Machinery

    Figure 42. Rotor machine Lipuchina

    Figure 43. Installation of the flotation JNMC (China) at Rubtsovskaya OF

    Figure 44. Pneumatic flotation machine Imhoflot G-Cell

    Figure 45. Pneumatic machine V - Cells OF "Belaruskali"

    Figure 47. Machine Aker (production Minpro International BV, Norway) at abot Kovdorskiy GOK

    Figure 48. Structure of consumption of flotation in Russia in 2005-2014, %

    Figure 49. Structure of Russian consumption of flotation by companies to producers in 2005-2014, %

    Figure 50. Dynamics of Russian production of copper in concentrate in 2000-2014, kt

    Figure 51. Dynamics of Russian production of zinc in zinc concentrate in 2000-2014, kt

    Figure 52. Dynamics of production of Apatite concentrate in Russia (in terms of 100% P2O5) in 1997-2014, mln t

    Figure 53. The Outotec TankCell flotation at the OFFICE Mikheevskogo GOK

    Figure 54. Machine a riff on Uchalinsky OF

    Figure 55. Machine REEF OF Sibay GOK

    Figure 56. Flotation separation OF OAO "Svyatogor"

    Figure 57. Pneumatic columnar flotation machine 1400 CFM at the OFFICE of JSC Svyatogor (UMMC)

    Figure 58. The flotation separation of CJSC "Urupsky GOK"

    Figure 59. Flotation separation of Novo-Sorokinskogo mine

    Figure 60. Flotation separation of JSC "dal'polimetall"

    Figure 61. Machine millevoi flotation (RIF) and mill regrinding in Haybullinsky OF (OOO "Basmati")

    Figure 62. Flotation separation Novoangarsky GOK

    Figure 63. Machine FMR production of JSC "Zavod Trud" for the needs OF JSC "between sarylakh-Antimony"

    Figure 64. Machine RCS (Metso) nepheline cycle OF "North-Western Phosphorous Company"

    Figure 65. The separation of the grinding and flotation plant OJSC "Pervenets" (CJSC "ZDK "Polyus")

    Figure 66. Flotation separation of ZIF, OOO "Albazino Resources"

    Figure 67. Flotation separation of JSC "Edulcorate"

    Figure 68. Flotation separation of ZIF, OOO ZK Mayskoye"

    Figure 69. Flotation separation plant JSC "Mine "Alexandrovskiy"

    Figure 70. The flotation SkimAir (Outotec) to the Omsukchan concentrator, JSC "Polimetall"

    Figure 71. Machine Usolmash at the OFFICE "Darasunskiy Rudnik"

    Figure 72. Machine FKM-6,3 at the OFFICE of OJSC "Uralkali"

    Figure 73. Processing of coking coal processing plants Russia in 2000-2014, mln t

    Figure 74. Pneumopathology machine at the OFFICE No. 12 JSC "ALROSA"

    Figure 75. Forecast growth dynamics of the flotation capacity in the Russian factories in 2015-2020, mln t/year


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    August 2019

    Floatation Machine for Mineral Processing in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast (2nd edition)

    August 2019

    Industrial Exoskeleton in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast

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