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    Distributed Power Generation Market Research in Russia

    Number of pages: 150 Number of tables: 45 Number of figures: 9
    Language: Russian
    Released: 27.07.2007
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    1. Role and place of distributed power generation in power supply of the country

    Far Eastern Federal District

    Sakha (Yakutia)

    Kamchatka region

    Siberian Federal District

    Krasnoyarsk region

    Tomsk region

    Irkutsk region

    Ural Federal District

    Yamalo-Nenetsky autonomous district

    Khanty-Mansi autonomous district - Yugra

    Northwestern Federal District


    Arkhangelsk region

    Murmansk region



    2. Statistics of Russian market of distributed power

    2.1. Range of capacities and the main types (models) of power-generating units, used in distributed power generation

    2.1.1. Diesel-generator and gas-reciprocating units

    2.1.2. Diesel-generator and gas-reciprocating units of Russian production (producers and types)

    2.1.3. Diesel-generator and gas-reciprocating units of foreign production

    2.1.4. Micro-turbines

    Perm motor-building complex

    JSC «Saturn - Gas Turbines» (Rybinsk)

    JSC «NPO «Iskra» (Perm’)

    JSC «Kaluga turbine plant»

    JSC «Proletarasky plant» (St.Petersburg)

    CJSC «Ural turbine plant» (Yekaterinburg)

    2.2. Field of application of small-scale power generating units

    2.3. Volumes of purchases of autonomous power-generating units


    3. Technical and economic performance of typical autonomous power-generating units of various types (diesel-generator sets, gas-reciprocating units, micro-turbines)


    4. Distributed co-generation of power and heat energy at Russian market


    5. Leading companies in field of distributed power generation

    JSC «Gazprom»

    Perm motor-building complex

    JSC «GT-TETs Energo»

    CJSC «EnergoPromInvest» (Moscow)

    CJSC «Industrial Group «ASK» (Lyubertsy)

    CJSC «NG-Energo» (St.Petersburg)


    6. Regulatory and legal framework, regulating development of small-scale power generation


    7. Assessment of potential of Russian market of distributed power generation

    Table 1. Power losses of some distribution companies of Russia in 2006

    Table 2. Dynamics of some performance data of JSC «Sakhaenergo» in 2002-2006

    Table 3. Production of power in Kamchatka in 2005-2006

    Table 4. Characteristics of equipment of diesel power plants of JSC «Koryakenergo»

    Table 5. Production of power by some stationary diesel power plants in Khabarovsk region in 2005-2006

    Table 6. Production of power by some small-scale power plants in Krasnoyarsk region in 2005-2006

    Table 7. Production of power by small-scale power plants in Tomsk region in 2005-2006

    Table 8. Characteristics of decentralized consumers in northern districts of Irkutsk region

    Table 9. Production of power in Komi in 2005-2006, mln. kWh

    Table 10. The main nominal characteristics of diesel-electric units and power plants

    Table 11. Basic mix of Russian stationary diesel power plants

    Table 12. Mix of power-generating facilities of JSC «Zvezda» (St.Petersburg)

    Table 13. Technical characteristics of diesel-generator sets, produced by «Kolomna plant»

    Table 14. Technical characteristics of autonomous power-generating units, produced by «Kolomna plant»

    Table 15. Technical characteristics of diesel block-transportable power plants with capacity of 1500 kWh, produced by «Kolomna plant»

    Table 16. Technical characteristics of diesel block-transportable power plants with capacity of 1000 kWh, produced by «Kolomna plant»

    Table 17. Characteristics of diesel-generator sets, produced by «Barnaultransmash»

    Table 18. Characteristics of gas-reciprocating facilities, produced by «Barnaultransmash»

    Table 19. Mix of diesel-generator sets of JSC «RUMO»

    Table 20. Mix of gas-reciprocating power-generating units of JSC «RUMO»

    Table 21. Characteristics of diesel power plants, produced by «Baranchikovsky electromechanical plant»

    Table 22. Characteristics of gas-reciprocating facilities Cummins

    Table 23. Advantages and disadvantages of gas-turbogenerators

    Table 24. Characteristics of GTES of Perm motor-building complex’s production

    Table 25. Characteristics gas-turbine facilities GTES of Perm motor-building complex’s production

    Table 26. The main characteristics of power-generating facilities, produced by «NPO «Saturn»

    Table 27. Characteristics of GTES with capacity up to 10 MW, produced by «NPO «Iskra»

    Table 28. Characteristics of turbo-generators, produced by «Kaluga turbine plant»

    Table 29. Characteristics of transportable gas-turbine power plant PGTES-1500, produced by «Proletarasky plant» (St.Petersburg)

    Table 30. Characteristics of power-generating GTU of CJSC «Ural turbine plant»’s production

    Table 31. Characteristics of simple cycle GTU of State Enterprise «Zorya-Mashproject»’s production (Ukraine)

    Table 32. Advantages and disadvantages of micro-turbines

    Table 33. The main technical characteristics of GTES on the basis of Capstone micro-turbines

    Table 34. Consumed capacities of communal utilities

    Table 35. Production of diesel-generator sets in 2005-2006, pieces

    Table 36. Production of mobile power plants in 2005-2006, MW

    Table 37. Import supplies of power-generating units in Russia in 2005-2006

    Table 38. Prices on diesel-generator sets Gesan (Spain) and Geko (Germany)

    Table 39. Prices on diesel-generator sets of JSC «Moscow Floodlight Plant»’s production

    Table 40. Average wholesale prices on natural gas, approved by Federal Regulating Commission since 1.01.2007

    Table 41. Supplies of natural gas and diesel fuel to regions of Russia in 2005-2006

    Table 42. Production activity of JSC «Gazprom» and its power consumption in 2002-2006

    Table 43. Capitalization and profit of JSC «Gazprom» in 2002-2006

    Table 44. Supplies of power-generating facilities of CJSC «NG-Energo» in 2005-2006

    Table 45. Balance reserves of natural gas, gas-condensate and petroleum of JSC «Gazprom» as of the end of 2006

    Figure 1. Diesel power plant of JSC «Kolomna plant»’s production

    Figure 2. Diesel multi-fuel block-transportable power plant with capacity of 1500 kWh, produced by «Kolomna plant»

    Figure 3. Block-transportable multi-fuel power plant of series ED-1000 with capacity of 1000 kWh, produced by «Kolomna plant»

    Figure 4. Stationary diesel-electric unit DEAS-100, produced by «Barnaultransmash»

    Figure 5. Gas-turbine power plant GTES-2.5, produced by «NPO «Saturn»

    Figure 6. Mini-CPP «Shigili»

    Figure 7. Mini-CPP «Agidel’»

    Figure 8. GTES «Ural-6000» at mounting site

    Figure 9. Scheme of mini-CPP «Yanus»


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