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    Projects on rare metals of Russia and evaluation of their implementation

    Number of pages: 47 Number of tables: 2 Number of figures: 5
    Language: Russian
    Released: 20.06.2019
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    This report is the first edition of the market research projects (implemented, implemented and possible) for the extraction and processing of ores of rare and rare earth metals.

    The purpose of the study - an analysis of projects for the extraction and enrichment of ores of rare metals.

    This work is a desk study. The sources of information were data from the scientific, industry and regional press, annual and quarterly reports of issuers of securities, Internet sites, the SBiS database, customs statistics of the Russian Federation, the results of a survey of a number of domestic experts.

    Chronological framework of the study: 2010-2018, the prospects for 2019-2030.

    Geography research: Russian Federation.


    The report consists of 6 chapters, contains 47 pages, including 2 tables, 5 figures.

    The first chapter provides an assessment of the security of the Russian industry with rare and rare-earth metals. The information on import dependence on these products is given.

    The second chapter briefly describes the prospects for import substitution of rare-earth elements and rare earths.

    The third chapter provides information about the implemented projects for the extraction and production of the studied materials.

    In the fourth chapter, projects are considered, for which investments have already been allocated, construction timelines are determined.

    The fifth chapter provides a list of promising projects, the implementation of which is possible in the next 10 years.

    The sixth chapter presents a list of deferred projects for the extraction of ores of rare metals.

    The report concludes with a summary table for all rare metal projects.


    Target audience of the study:

    - market participants of rare metals in Russia - researchers, developers, producers, consumers;

    - potential investors.

    The proposed study claims the role of reference for professionals making management decisions working in this market.





    1. Assessment of the provision of the Russian industry with rare metals

    Rare Earth Elements (REE)














    2. Prospects for import substitution of rare and trace metals


    3. Implemented projects for the extraction and production of rare metals in the Russian Federation in 2010-2019.

    3.1. Project 1 (REE)

    3.2. Project 2 (REE)

    3.3. Project 3 (scandium)

    3.4. Project 4 (scandium oxide)

    3.5. Project 5 (hafnium metal and its compounds)


    4. Implemented projects / projects with a high probability of implementation

    4.1.  Project 1 (niobium, tantalum, zirconium, rare earths)

    4.2.  Project 2 (rare earths, niobium, scandium)

    4.3.  Project 3 (titanium, zirconium)

    4.4.  Project 4 (fluorite, metals: lithium, rubidium, cesium)


    5. Projects, the implementation of which is possible (promising)

    5.1. Project 1 (scandium, gallium)

    5.2. Project 2 (titanium, zirconium)

    5.3. Project 3 (titanium, zirconium)

    5.4. Project 4 (iron, titanium)

    5.5. Project 5 (lithium)

    5.6. Project 6 (rare-earth metal oxides)


    6. Deferred projects

    6.1. Project 1 (scandium)

    6.2. Project 2 (titanium)

    6.3. Project 3 (titanium)

    6.4. Project 4 (titanium, niobium, tantalum, rare earths)

    6.5. Project 5 (REE)

    6.6. Project 6 (REE)

    6.7. Project 7 (beryllium)

    6.8. Other unrealized projects


    7. The final table "Realized, implemented and promising projects for the extraction and production of rare and rare earth ores"

    Table 1. Factors affecting the possibility of import substitution for "critical" metals in Russia

    Table 2: Implemented, ongoing and promising projects for the extraction and processing of ores of rare metals


    Figure 1. Dynamics of production of loparite concentrate by Lovozero GOK in 2000-2018, kt

    Figure 2. Dynamics of import supplies of ferroniobium to Russia in 1997-2018 in kind, t

    Figure 3. Dynamics of production of niobium compounds (in terms of Nb2O5) in JSC Solikamsk Magnesium Plant in 2000-2018, t

    Figure 4. Dynamics of Russian Federation imports of strontium carbonate and strontium metal, t

    Figure 5. Installation for the extraction of scandium from productive solutions in JSC "Dalur"



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