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    Scandium in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (2nd edition)

    Number of pages: 68 Number of tables: 14 Number of figures: 6
    Language: Russian + English
    Released: 07.05.2014
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    This report is available both in Russian and English versions.


    This report is the second edition of the research of scandium in the world market and the CIS.

    This work is a desk study . As information sources, we used data of Rosstat, Federal Customs Service of Russia and Kazakhstan , official statistics railage , sectoral and regional press , annual and quarterly reports of companies , as well as web - sites of producers and consumers of scandium and its products in the world and the CIS .

    The chronological scope of the study : 2001-2013

    Geography studies: World , CIS , Russian Federation.


    The report consists of 7 Sections, contains 68 pages , including 14 tables , 6 figures and appendixes.

    The first chapter is devoted to the mineral resource base and production of scandium and its compounds abroad. It presents information on world production , prices for scandium .

    The second chapter is devoted to the mineral resources base of scandium in Russia and CIS countries . It gives a brief description of the balance of scandium deposits , as well as promising raw objects.

    The third chapter analyzes foreign trade operations of the CIS with scandium and its compounds in the 2001-2013 data on volumes of export and import of products, estimates regional pattern of the supplies .

    The fourth chapter presents information on the production of scandium and scandium compounds in Russia in 2001-2013 are considered the main producers . Presented State Standards and Specifications for manufactured products scandium .

    The fifth chapter describes the programs for the development of Russian industry scandium and new projects.

    The sixth chapter assesses consumption of scandium in Russia .

    In the seventh chapter examines the prospects for application and receipt of scandium in our country.

    The Appendixes contains the contact information on producers of scandium and its compounds.

    This research claims to be the handbook for marketing services and specialists taking management decisions , working in the markets of these products.





    1. Brief characteristics of world market of scandium

    1.1. Mineral resources base of scandium

    1.2. World production of scandium and scandium syrya1

    1.3. New world projects to obtain scandium

    1.4. World consumption of scandium

    1.5. Prices for scandium and its compounds


    2. Mineral resources base of scandium in the CIS

    2.1. Russia

    2.2. Ukraine

    2.3. Kazakhstan


    3. Export-import operations with scandium products in the CIS in 2001-2013

    3.1. Russia

    3.1.1. Export scandium oxide and salts of Russia in 2001-2013

    3.1.2. Import scandium oxide in 2001-2013

    3.1.3. Export-import of metallic scandium from Russia in 2001-2013

    3.1.4. Exports of aluminum- scandium ligatures from Russia in 2001-2010

    3.2. Ukraine

    3.3. Kazakhstan


    4. Production of scandium and its compounds in the CIS in 2001-2013

    4.1. Extraction and processing of scandium materials, production of scandium products in CIS countries

    4.2. The main company- producers of scandium products in the CIS

    4.2.1. Enterprises engaged in the production of scandium in the CIS JSC " Hydrometallurgical Plant" / LLC Intermiks Met "( Russia, Stavropol ) JSC " Dalur " ( Russia, Kurgan . )

    4.2.2. CIS companies that have stopped production of scandium SE " East GOK » (Ukraine, Yellow water) JSC " Kaskor " ( Kazakhstan , the Caspian MMC ) "Ust -Kamenogorsk Titanium Magnesium Plant " ( Kazakhstan ) JSC "AVISMA" Plant " Crimean Titan " (Armenian, Crimea, Russia / Ukraine) other businesses



    5. Scandium production projects in CIS countries

    5.1. Draft receipt of scandium from the tails of "Eurasia KGOK "

    5.2. Project to develop the deposit Tomtorskoe

    5.3. Projects to extract scandium from " red mud " alumina enterprises in the Urals .

    5.4. Development project Khiagda uranium deposits

    5.5. Project get scandium from waste Ukrainian enterprises

    5.6. Project associated receipt of scandium productive waters underground leaching of uranium deposits in Kazakhstan

    5.7. Project associated obtain scandium from Shymkent dump sludge phosphorus plant


    6. Consumption scandium and its compounds in the CIS in 2001-2013


    7. Forecast of production and consumption of scandium 2020


    Appendix: Contact information on main producers of scandium products in the CIS

    Table 1. Dynamics of prices for scandium and its compounds in the U.S. market in 2003-2013 , $ / kg , $ / g

    Table 2. Deposits scandium Russia , accounted by the State on 01.01.2007

    Table 3. Scandium technogenic waste

    Table 4. Main Russian exporters in 2001-2013 scandium oxide , kg

    Table 5. Export destinations of scandium compounds from Russia in 2001-2013 , kg

    Table 6. Importers Russian compounds of scandium in 2001-2013 , kg

    Table 7. Importers metallic scandium by Russian companies and countries in 2001-2010 , kg

    Table 8. Export aluminum- scandium alloys in Russia in 2001-2010 , t

    Table 9. Destinations Russian supplies aluminum- scandium alloys by countries in 2001-2010 , t

    Table 10. Requirements for quality scandium metal , %

    Table 11. Requirements to quality of scandium oxide (TU 48-0501-373-92 ),%

    Table 12. Scandium oxide Quality of " Hydrometallurgical Plant " LLC, " Intermiks -Met " %

    Table 13. Quality aluminum- scandium master alloy production of " Hydrometallurgical Plant » (LLC « Intermiks -Met ")

    Table 14. Characteristics of aluminum alloys produced by LLC " Intermiks Met " (GOST R 53777-2010 )

    Figure 1. Prices of different purity scandium oxide in 2012, the U.S. market, smaller lots, $ / kg

    Figure 2. Layout basic scandium deposits CIS

    Figure 3. Scandium oxide exports from Russia in 2001-2013, kg

    Figure 4. Deliveries of scandium oxide in Russia (kg) and price ($ / kg) in 2001-2013

    Figure 5. Scandium metal exports from Russia in 2001-2013, kg

    Figure 6. Scandium oxide exports from Ukraine in 2001-2013, kg


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