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    Wood Fuel Pellets in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast (2nd edition)

    Number of pages: 56 Number of tables: 20 Number of figures: 5
    Language: Russian
    Released: 27.05.2019
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    This report is the second edition of the wood pellet market research in Russia and Europe.

    Market monitoring has been conducted since 2006.

    The purpose of the study is the analysis of the Russian wood pellet market.

    The objects of study are wood fuel pellets (pellets).

    This work is a desk study. As sources of information, data from Rosstat, the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, statistics of railway transportation of the Russian Federation were used; used, data base UNdata and Eurostat; materials of world agencies, industry and regional press, annual and quarterly reports of issuers of securities, as well as Internet sites of producers and consumers of wood pellets and briquettes.

    Chronological framework of the study: 2015-2018; forecast - until 2025

    Geography research: Russian Federation, - a comprehensive detailed analysis of the market; European countries - a general retrospective analysis of the market.


    The report consists of 6 parts, contains 56 pages, including 5 figures, 20 tables.

    The first chapter of the report gives a general description of wood fuel pellets, requirements for quality and transportation, production technology.

    In the second chapter of the report, an assessment of the raw material supply for the production of wood pellets in the world and in Russia is given, the structure of the generation of wood waste is given, the capacity of the Russian and global pellet production market is estimated.

    The third chapter of the report analyzes data on the production of fuel pellets in the period 2013-2018. in the context of the Federal Districts of the Russian Federation.

    The fourth chapter is devoted to a detailed analysis of the export of fuel pellets (pellets) from Russia to the countries of the European Union in 2015-2018. The volume of exports in the direction of deliveries, in the mode of transportation, in seaports, in manufacturing enterprises, in sending companies, in Buyer companies with a description of their specialization. Also in this chapter, a forecast of the supply of fuel pellets for export in 2019-2025 is given.

    The fifth chapter provides information on the largest European energy companies that use biofuel to generate heat and electricity.

    With the sixth chapter formulated the main conclusions of the study.


    Target audience of the study:

    - wood pellet market participants - producers, consumers, traders;

    - potential investors.


    The proposed study claims to be a reference tool for marketing services and management decision-makers working in the biofuels market.





    1. General characteristics of wood fuel pellets, briquettes, pellets, requirements for quality and transportation, production technology

    1.1. Properties of wood pellets

    1.1.1. Technical and environmental properties of wood pellets

    1.1.2. Qualitative characteristics of wood pellets

    1.2. Requirements for the transportation of fuel pellets

    1.2.1. Packing options

    1.2.2. The choice of modes of transport

    1.3. Wood waste processing technologies

    1.3.1. The production technology of wood pellets

    1.3.2. Other wood waste processing technologies




    2. Assessment of raw materials for the production of wood pellets and briquettes

    2.1. World biofuel resource

    2.2. The structure of the formation of wood waste in Russia

    2.3. Evaluation of the capacity of the Russian pellet production market

    2.4. Raw materials formed during sanitary cuttings


    3. Production of wood pellets and briquettes in Russia in 2013-2018.


    4. The volume of export of pellets (pellets) from Russia to Europe in 2015-2018.

    4.1. Export volume by destinations (geography)

    4.2. Export volume by ports of delivery from Russia to Europe

    4.3. Export volume by manufacturers from Russia to Europe

    4.4. Export volume by buyer companies

    4.5. The forecast of the supply of fuel pellets (pellets) for export in 2019-2025.


    5. Energy companies in Europe - consumers of wood pellets (pellets)


    6. The main findings of the study

    Table 1. Comparative characteristics of fuels

    Table 2. The main European quality standards of fuel pellets

    Table 4: New European standards for the quality of fuel pellets compared to the German standard DIN +

    Table 4. World Forest Resources

    Table 5. Production of wood fuel, industrial round wood, sawn timber and wood panels in the world, million m3

    Table 6. Sources and types of wood waste

    Table 7. Biomass energy potential and its actual use in various regions, EJ / year

    Table 8. Calculation of production volumes (logging) of sawn timber (round timber) and wood waste to ensure the operation of granulating lines of various productivity

    Table 9. The potential of logging and timber processing enterprises for the installation of granulating lines, pieces.

    Table 10: Production of fuel pellets (pellets) by federal districts of the Russian Federation in 2013-2018, tons

    Table 11: Production volumes of wood pellets (pellets) by the largest manufacturing companies in the Russian Federation in 2016-2018, thousand tons

    Table 12: Russian exports of pellets (pellets) by country of destination in 2015-2018, tons

    Table 13: Russian export of fuel pellets (pellets) by region of the world in 2015-2018, tons

    Table 14: Russian exports of pellets (pellets) to European countries in 2015-2018, tons

    Table 15: The method of transportation of fuel pellets for export from Russia to Europe in 2017

    Table 16: Russian export of fuel pellets to Europe by supply ports in 2017

    Table 17: Russian exports of fuel pellets to Europe by manufacturers in 2016-2018, tons

    Table 18: Russian exports of fuel pellets by senders in 2016-2018, tons

    Table 19: Companies-buyers of Russian fuel pellets in 2016-2018, tons

    Table 20: Europe's largest energy companies using biofuels

    Figure 1. Schematic diagram of the production of wood pellets

    Figure 2. Structure of roundwood processing

    Figure 3: Dynamics of production of fuel pellets in Russia in 2013-2018, thousand tons

    Figure 4: Forecast of demand for industrial pellets worldwide until 2025

    Figure 5: Forecast of export of fuel pellets from Russia, 2019-2025, thousand tons


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