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    Review of new areas of application of coal and innovative carbon-containing products in Russia

    Number of pages: 78 Number of tables: 15 Number of figures: 18
    Language: Russian
    Released: 10.03.2020
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    This report is the first edition of a market survey outside of the energy use of coal in Russia.

    The purpose of the study is to analyze the market for non-traditional and innovative use of different types of coals, as well as products of their processing.

    The objects of research are actually different types of coals, as well as semi-coke, activated carbon and other products that are substitutes for coals.

    This work is a desk study. The sources of information were the data of Rosstat, statistics of railway transportation of the Russian Federation, industry and regional press, annual and quarterly reports of securities issuers, as well as websites of semi-coke producers.

    Chronological scope of the study: 2018-2019

    Research geography: Russian Federation.


    The report consists of 4 Sections, contains 78 pages, including 18 Figures and 15 Tables.

    The first chapter of the report examines the main areas of use of coal outside the energy sector and ferrous metallurgy, in particular in the production of alumina, in the cement industry, in the firing of ceramic and silicate materials, for the purification of natural sugar, in nonferrous metallurgy, in the production of carbon electrodes, technical silicon and sorbents. ...

    The second chapter of the report is devoted to shallow coal processing products, primarily the production of semi-coke in Russia.

    The third chapter provides information on the directions and technologies of deep processing of coals using the principles of gasification and hydrogenation.

    The fourth chapter of the report describes several innovative carbon materials, including those produced using nanotechnology, such as intercalated graphite and graphene.

    At the end of the report, brief conclusions are formulated and forecasts of coal consumption up to 2025 are given.

    The Appendix contains the contact details of the companies.


    Target audience of the study:

    - market participants of natural coal, ferroalloys, graphite electrodes, semi-coke and chains of its further consumption (production of ferroalloys, non-ferrous metallurgy) - producers, consumers, traders;

    - potential investors;

    - researchers of innovative carbon materials;

    The proposed study claims to be a reference guide for marketing services and decision-makers working in the market for natural coal and innovative carbon materials.





    1. Use of coal directly for non-energy and non-metallurgical (coke-chemical) purposes in Russia

    Alumina production

    Ferroalloy production

    Cement production

    Soda production

    Brick production

    Lime milk for sugar production

    Non-ferrous metallurgy

    Electrode and graphite products

    Silicon production



    2. New directions of using coal in Russia



    Carburizing agents

    Release of mountain wax

    Carbon fiber production


    3. Technologies for deep processing of coal and prospects for their use in the Russian Federation



    Chemical production

    Ammonia production

    Methanol production

    Oxosynthesis of butyl alcohols


    4. New innovative carbon-based products

    Intercalated graphite

    Graphite foam for fire protection and thermal insulation



    Conclusions and forecasts


    Application. Address book of enterprises-consumers of coal

    Table 1: Main uses of coal

    Table 2: Consumption of coal by producers of ferroalloys in 2018-2019, thousand tons

    Table 3: Consumption of coal by cement producers in 2018-2019, thousand tons

    Table 4: The volume of soda ash production in the Russian Federation in 2011-2019 thousand tons

    Table 5: Consumption of coal by soda producers in 2018-2019, thousand tons

    Table 6: Consumption of coal by brick manufacturers in 2018-2019, thousand tons

    Table 7: Coal Consumption by Major Sugar Producers

    Table 8: Consumption of coal by non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises in 2018-2019, thousand tons

    Table 9: Consumption of coal by the main producers of electrode-graphite products in 2018-2019, thousand tons

    Table 10: Consumption of coal by silicon producers in 2018-2019, thousand tons

    Table 11: Consumption of coal by sorbent producers in 2018-2019, thousand tons

    Table 12: Emerging Uses of Coal

    Table 13: Main properties of monolayer graphene (MG), multilayer graphene nanoparticles (LNP) and crushed graphite

    Table 14: Main properties of graphene grades produced by ZAVKOM JSC

    Table 15: Forecast of demand for natural coal in non-energy areas for 2020-2025, thousand tons

    Figure 1: Achinsk Alumina Refinery

    Figure 2: Volume of alumina production by JSC RUSAL Achinsk

    Figure 3: Smelting of ferroalloys at ChEMZ

    Figure 4: Coal storage at Serebryansky Cement Plant LLC

    Figure 5: Appearance of soda products

    Figure 6: Annular brick kiln

    Figure 7: Scheme for the clarification of sugar juice with lime

    Figure 8: Ore-thermal furnace for anthracite treatment of ilmenite

    Figure 9: View of the RIEDHAMMER annular primary firing furnace at EPM-NEZ

    Figure 10: Workshop of JSC "Silicon"

    Figure 11: Carbon sorbents

    Figure 12: Innovative smokeless fuel "Siberian Briquette"

    Figure 13: Diagram of the HA macromolecular structure

    Figure 14: Technological scheme of underground coal gasification

    Figure 15: Technological scheme for the production of motor fuels from coal

    Figure 16: Scheme of obtaining graphene from graphite through intermediate formation of graphite oxide

    Figure 17: Scheme of physicochemical processes for obtaining graphene nano-wafers and their chemical derivatives from graphite

    Figure 18: Change in the properties of the epoxy resin compound when modified with graphene in the amount of 0.001; 0.01 and 0.05%


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    June 2024

    Global market pulverized coal injection (PCI) for blast furnaces (PCI) and Russia’s position

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