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    Disulfide Oil in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast

    Number of pages: 56 Number of tables: 12 Number of figures: 9
    Language: Russian
    Released: 23.08.2012
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    This study focuses on the analysis of disulfide oil market in Russia. The report consists of 6 Sections, contains 56 pages, including 9 figures, 12 tables and 3 appendices.
    Methodologically, the work was carried out in a "desk" research. Analyzed information sources, we used data of state bodies - Federal Service of State Statistics of Russia, JSC "Russian Railways" (statistics of rail transportation), Federal Customs Service of Russia (data on foreign trade operations). Also, data of companies, the Internet media materials and scientific and technical literature.
    The first chapter details technology disulfide oil production, potential sources of raw materials.
    In the second chapter provides quality product and describes the potential disulfide oil producer.
    The third Section of the report presents data on foreign trade and other substitutes dimethyl disulfide oil in Russia in 2005-2011.
    The fourth chapter analyzes data on import prices for dimethyl disulfide.
    In the fifth chapter of the report deals with the potential of consumption disulfide oil.
    The sixth Section presents forecast of development of Russian market disulfide oil to 2020.
    The Appendix presents data on demercaptanization hydrocarbon resources in Russia, addresses and contact information of enterprises, potential consumers disulfide oil and a list of sources used.



    1. Disulfide oil production technology and resources used

    1.1. Methods of production of disulfide oil
    1.1.1. Oxidation of mercaptans
    1.1.2. Alkaline demercaptanization with recovery of alkali
    1.1.3. Combined processes and sweetening alkaline oxidation of mercaptans

    1.2. Feedstock for disulfide oil

    2. Disulfide oil production
    2.1. Quality indicators disulfide oil
    2.2. The current status of potential producers disulfide oil
    2.2.1. "Gazprom Orenburg production" (Orenburg)

    3. Import disulfide oil and its substitutes
    3.1. Import volumes disulfide oil and its substitutes in Russia in 2005-2011
    3.2. The main directions of imports disulfide oil and its substitutes in Russia in 2005-2011

    4. Prices for oil and its disulfide substitutes
    4.1. Dynamics of import prices of substitutes disulfide oil in Russia in 2005-2011

    5. Disulfide oil consumption in Russia
    5.1. Analysis of the potential areas of consumption disulfide oil in Russia
    5.3.1. Pyrolysis
    5.3.2. Sulfiding agent catalysts for oil refining
    5.3.3. Synthesis of thiophene
    5.3.4. Other applications of disulfide oil

    6. Forecast of development of Russian market of disulfide oil to 2020

    Appendix 1: Facilities of demercaptanization on Russian plants
    Appendix 2: Contact potential customers disulfide oil in Russia
    Appendix 3: List of references

    Table 1. Physico-chemical properties of some dialkyl
    Table 2. Physico-chemical properties of the lower mercaptans
    Table 3. The content of total and mercaptan sulfur in a number of oil and gas condensate field
    Table 4. Composition disulfide oil demercaptanization condensate Orenburg GPP
    Table 5. Composition disulfide oil demercaptanization propane and butane Orenburg GPP
    Table 6. Composition disulfide oil produced on the U-335 Orenburg GPP before and after modernization
    Table 7. Dialkyl import in Russia in 2005-2011, t
    Table 8. Supplier countries dimethyl Russia in 2005-2011, t
    Table 9. The main suppliers are dimethyl disulfide to Russia in 2005-2011, t
    Table 10. The main Russian consumers of imported dimethyl disulfide in 2005-2011, t
    Table 11. The main suppliers are dimethyl disulfide to Russia in 2005-2011 and prices for imported products, $ / t
    Table 12. Production capacity for ethylene in the CIS

    Figure 1. Process flow diagram of the process of DMD-2 "Odorant"
    Figure 2. Process flow diagram of the process of the DMD-3
    Figure 3. Process flow chart of the process LCA-3
    Figure 4. Process flow diagram of the process of sweetening naphtha - "Demerus"
    Figure 5. Dynamics of import supplies of DMDS in Russia in 2005-2011, t
    Figure 6. Share suppliers DMDS in the Russian market in 2005-2011,%
    Figure 7. Import volumes of dimethyl disulfide (m) and dynamics of import prices ($ / t) in 2005-2011
    Figure 8. Dynamics of production of ethylene in Russia in 1999-2011, kt
    Figure 9. Process flow diagram of the catalytic synthesis of thiophene disulfide oil and n-butane


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