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    Methanol production projects in Russia and evaluation of their implementation

    Number of pages: 48 Number of tables: 3 Number of figures: 4
    Language: Russian
    Released: 03.07.2019
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    This report is the first edition of a review of methanol production projects in Russia.

    The purpose of the study is the analysis of methanol projects in Russia.

    The object of research projects for the construction of plants for the production of methanol.

    Work is a desk study. The sources of information were data from customs statistics of the Russian Federation, the website of foreign trade operations UNdata; materials of the industry and regional press, annual and quarterly reports of issuers of securities, Internet sites of manufacturing companies, as well as data obtained from telephone interviews with players of the methanol market.

    Geography of research: Russian Federation, Europe and Asia Pacific countries.


    The report consists of 3 parts, contains 48 pages, including 4 figures, 3 tables.

    The introduction provides information on measures of state support for methanol projects.

    The first chapter of the report presents data on the current methanol capacities in Russia, as well as a forecast of the development of production potential.

    The second chapter of the report is devoted to the analysis of projects for the construction of methanol plants in Russia, as well as an assessment of the possibility of implementing these projects.

    The third chapter provides data on the potential markets for domestic methanol (Europe and the Asia-Pacific countries), the current situation and forecast for 2025.


    Target audience of the study:

    - methanol market participants - producers, consumers, suppliers;

    - potential investors.

    The proposed study claims to be the reference for marketing services and management decision-makers working in the methanol market.





    I. Current capacity and capacity development forecast

    I.1. Methanol production capacity in Russia

    I.2. Forecast of the development of methanol capacity in Russia


    II. Projects for the construction of complexes for the production of methanol in the Russian Federation

    II.1. Northwestern Federal District

    II.2. Far Eastern Federal District

    II.3. Southern Federal District

    II.4. Volga Federal District

    II.5. Central Federal District

    II.6. Ural federal district

    II.7. Siberian Federal District


    III. Assessment of potential markets for Russian methanol

    III.1. Europe

    III.2. APR countries



    Table 1. Capacities and technologies of Russian methanol producers as of 01/01/2019

    Table 2. Dynamics of development of methanol production capacity in the period 2017-2030, thousand tons per year

    Table 3. Characteristics of methanol projects

    Figure 1: Structure of distribution of methanol capacity in Federal Districts in 2019,%

    Figure 2: Distribution of projects of methanol enterprises by Federal Districts, pieces

    Figure 3: Import of methanol to Europe in 2010-2018 and forecast up to 2025, million tons

    Figure 4: Import of methanol to China in 2010-2018 and forecast up to 2025, million tons


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