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    30 December 2019
    Results of the company in 2019
    In 2019, the Infomine Research Group company completed more than 70 studies. A feature of the past year was an increase in the number of custom-made works while reducing sales of finished...
    05 December 2019
    Participation in the conference
    General Director Igor Petrov took part in the conference “Mineral resources of high technology metals. Development, reproduction, use”, which was held on December 3-4, 2019 in Moscow...
    17 October 2019
    Participation in the conference
    INFOMINE General Director Igor Petrov took part in the 8th All-Russian Conference “Copper, Brass, Bronze: Production and Consumption Trends”, which was held on October 17, 2019 in...
    16 September 2019
    Group of Industrial Experts
    We announce the creation of a Group of Industrial Experts in the field of solid minerals and their processing. The objectives of the Group are expert evaluation of projects in the field of...
    02 September 2019
    Company news
    INFOMINE Research Group is included in the Russian Industry Encyclopedia, which describes the experience of the most successful companies in various fields of activity.
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    The global coal market, the role and perspective of Russia 07/2019 3000 Euro
    Coal Market Overview in Europe 12/2019 2000 Euro
    Energy and Coking Coal Market Overview in China and India 08/2019 1500 Euro
    Coal and its use in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast (3rd edition) 10/2017 2000 Euro
    Coal in Russia: Market, Pricing, Transportation and Forecast 01/2019 2000 Euro
    Coal in the Ukraine: Production, Market and Forecast 04/2014 2000 Euro
    Bags Packed and High-Quality Coal in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast 01/2015 2000 Euro
    Steam Coal in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast 03/2013 1500 Euro
    Coking Coal and Coke in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast 06/2013 2000 Euro
    Coal Coke Breeze in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast 01/2020 2000 Euro
    Coal char from brown coal in the world and Russia: Production, Market, and Forecast (2nd edition) 05/2018 2000 Euro
    Outlook of technologies and markets products of deep processing of coal 12/2012 2500 Euro
    Outlook of technology production and use of oil shale in the world 09/2013 2000 Euro
    Review of modern coal preparation technologies in the world 01/2015 2000 Euro
    Review of modern technologies track the movement of vehicles in open coal mining and transportation depots 01/2015 2000 Euro
    Overview of Russian coal offerings of D and T grades in world markets 08/2019 1500 Euro

    Solar power

    Solar Cells on Non-silicon-based Materials in the World: Production, Market and Forecast 07/2011 2000 Euro

    Electric power

    Wind Power Plants in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast 09/2017 2000 Euro
    Electricity market in Kazakhstan 01/2012 1500 Euro

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