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    14 July 2017
    The company's results in the 1st half of 2017
    In the 1st half of 2017 company INFOMINE Research Group Ltd. done more than 30 reports.
    15 June 2017
    Market Research News
    INFOMINE Research Group presented a review of the market of finished marketing research of industrial products in Russia, based on its article "Qualitative research or announcements and semi-finished products ..."
    06 June 2017
    Participation in the conference
    The general director of the company Igor Petrov presented report "Enrichment of Mineral Raw Materials in Russia - Implemented and New Projects, Ore Processing Technologies" at a conference on technology and transportation of bulk materials organized by SOLIDS June 6-7, 2017 in Moscow (Expocentre Fairgrounds).
    25 May 2017
    Participation in the conferences
    Head of the Department of the markets for chemical and petrochemical products Olga Voloshina presented report "The review of the market of greases in Russia" at the V International Conference "Base Oils and Lubricants of the CIS", organized by Global Business Club Ltd. May 23-25, 2017 in Moscow.
    06 March 2017
    Participation in the conferences
    General Director Igor Petrov presented report "Beneficiation plant Russia and the use of flotation in ore processing technology" at the 2nd International conference "Flotation reagents 2017", organized by the company "Creonenergy" March 3, 2016 in Moscow.
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    Petroleum Coke Market Research in the CIS
    In October 2007, renewed version of Report on Petroleum Coke Market in the CIS became available. The Report presents review of petroleum coke market in Russia and CIS (technologies, volumes of production and the main producers, foreign trade in the product in Russia and CIS, prices, pattern of consumption and the main end-users – aluminium and electrode enterprises). The report includes data for the latest 10 years (1996-2006) and estimates prospects of petroleum coke market development up to 2010. Petroleum coke market in CIS countries includes large quantity of company-players, referring to various sectors of industry: producers of the coke – oil refineries, consumers – nonferrous and ferrous metallurgies, electrode plants, power generation. At present time, only 12 oil refineries produce petroleum coke in the CIS, including 6 in Russia, 2 in Kazakhstan and one in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine each.

    Pitch and Pitch Coke Market Research in the CIS
    The main feature of the market in latest years became sharp decline in consumption of pitch coke in production of anode paste by aluminium and electrode plants in Russia, caused by sharp growth of domestic prices. From data of InfoMine, annual consumption of pitch coke in Russia decreased from 370-380 kt ton 220 kt in 2006. Notice also that, at the same time, Ukrainian pitch coke (produced by Avdeevka coal-tar chemical plant and Zaporozhcoke) became prevailing at the Russian market. In spite of decreasing specific consumption of the pitch in production of anode paste in aluminium production, realizing projects of aluminium plants on expanding their capacities and commissioning new aluminium plants will result in increasing consumption of pitch coke. The consumption, according to InfoMine forecast, will increase by 27% by 2010 up to 680,000 tpy.

    Review of feldspar market in the CIS
    In 2006, consumption of feldspar products in Russia increased above 47% year-on-year, whereas the products output in the country grew only 10.7% compared with 2005. At the same time, in 2006, Russian imports of feldspar products increased above 5 times compared with 2005, and share of the imported products exceeded 27% of total domestic consumption of feldspar products in Russia. The bulk of feldspar products is now consumed in Russia by producers of building ceramics √ above 66% of the total consumption, according to InfoMine estimates. The second greatest end-use is glass industry (around 27%). Below 2% of the consumption belongs to productions of abrasive items, fine ceramics and electrodes. Notice that for the latest years, share of feldspar products consumption in the ceramic industry steadily increased, with decreasing shares of consumption in other end-uses.

    Review of propylene oxide market in Russia/CIS
    At present time, in the CIS, only Russia and Azerbaijan produce propylene oxide. In Russia, 2 companies yield propylene oxide, and Russia produces the bulk of propylene oxide in the CIS √ 79.7% of the total in 2006. Production of propylene oxide in Russia (and CIS) steadily grew for the latest 8 years. Until recently, Russian imports and exports of the product were approximately equal: around 2.5-3 kt per year. However, in 2005, the exports were stopped at all, whereas the imports remained at the previous level. Dynamics of Ukrainian imports of propylene oxide is governed by supplies from Azerbaijan. Geography of the supplies becomes narrower. The main end-uses of propylene oxide are productions of polyesters (polyester resins) and propylene glycols.

    Review of calcium hypochlorite market in Russia/CIS
    In latest years, production of calcium hypochlorite in Russia decreases. However, according to InfoMine estimates, in nearest years, the trend will change, and the production will slightly increase in connection with realizing modernization and reconstruction of existing productions. For instance, LLC Usol▓eHimprom, by the end of 2007, is to increase capacities on production of calcium hypochlorite from 10.8 kt to 18 kt per year. The main end-uses of calcium hypochlorite in Russia are detoxication of cyanides in gold production and water treatment. Analysis of standing of main end-uses of calcium hypochlorite in the country allows to predict annual increasing the product consumption in Russia by 2-4%, up to 47-49 kt in 2008, according to InfoMine estimates. With expanding gold production, the annual rates of growth of calcium hypochlorite may achieve 4√6%, and, by 2010, the consumption will reach 50√55 kt per year. A characteristic feature of calcium hypochlorite production in the CIS is the fact that producers of the product produce resources for the production themselves.

    Review of Market of Welding Electrodes in Russia
    Welding electrodes for manual arc welding are widely used practically in all sectors of economy. Current steady growth of the economy owes increasing demand for the electrodes that, in turn, encourages expanding their production. In 2006, production of welding electrodes was 170.2 kt, and their consumption was 175.6 kt. By 2010, according to forecast of InfoMine experts, the consumption can reach 225 kt per year, whereas the production will be around 215 kt per year. Since 2003, on the background of decreasing Russian exports of the electrodes, their imports steadily increased, by 2-2.3 kt annually for the period from 2003 to 2006. Russian electrode plants are capable to satisfy domestic demand for ordinary types of the electrodes. In latest years, most of the electrode producers renewed productive facilities. However, the plants face shortage of high-grade raw materials for production of the electrodes.


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