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    18 May 2020
    Articles of our employees
    In the journal "Mineral Resources of Russia. Economics and Management” (No. 2/2020) an article was published by the head of the company’s department, Mrs. Elena Gusarova, “Russia's Prospects in the Global Coal Market”
    31 March 2020
    Office hours during the COVID-19 epidemic
    From April 1, 2020, the company’s office is quarantined. The company’s work continues in the normal mode remotely. All obligations under the concluded contracts will be fulfilled in a timely manner. An online store selling ready-made reports is open around the clock. All contacts with the company can be made by cell phone hotline +7 (916) 239-6904 and by e-mail
    12 March 2020
    Participation in the conference
    General Director Igor Petrov resented a report “Export Positions of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy in Russia and Prospects for the Supply of High Converted Products to Foreign Markets” in the International Metallurgical Summit held on March 12, 2020 in Yekaterinburg (organized by ENSO).
    24 February 2020
    Company news
    Deputy Director of INFOMINE Research Group Mr. Mikhail Burshtein took part in the international conference on petroleum coke, held on February 24 in San Diego (USA). Within the framework of the conference, a meeting was held with experts, analysts and consultants of Advisian, and plans for cooperation between our two companies in the field of petrochemicals and, in particular, petroleum coke were discussed. Advisian representatives expressed satisfaction with the many years of experience in cooperation and interest in its continuation and expansion.
    29 January 2020
    Company news
    After a break, the company resumed trips to industrial enterprises. This time our way lay in Korolev city. It was there that a new production facility for the processing of rare-earth raw materials was recently created with the release of individual oxides (lanthanum, cerium, neodymium, etc.) - LLC LIT, which is part of the Skygrad Group of Companies.
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    Results of the company in 2019

    30 December 2019

    In 2019, the Infomine Research Group company completed more than 70 studies.
    A feature of the past year was an increase in the number of custom-made works while reducing sales of finished research.

    However, in general, the market for marketing research of industrial products is characterized by a decrease in customer interest. The research market activity index was -49% compared to 2018.

    Russian companies are the main customers of Infomine research, their share in 2019 increased to 93% (in 2018 - 83%).

    In 2018, Russian companies were among our new customers:
    Severstal PJSC, Khimprom PJSC, Zagorsky Pipe Plant JSC (ZTZ), Vaktek Group of Companies LLC, Gazpromenergoset SPb LLC, Steel VPO LLC, Hemkor JSC, Polyplast- LLC UralSib, NPO RIVS LLC, UNIHIMTEK JSC, Polyex JSC, Novgorod GIAP LLC, Trans-Siberian Mountain Company LLC, Nordinves LLC, etc.,
    as well as a number of CIS companies:
    UPNK-PV LLP, Prommashkomplekt LLP, ProMS LLP, Good Creative LLP (Kazakhstan), Euromineral LLC (Ukraine).

    The main research topics of the company in 2019 are chemical products (30%), metals (27%), non-metallic raw materials and construction materials (18%), energy (12%) and equipment (10%).

    Last year, the company as a co-executor participated in three large projects under state contracts (coal, rare metals, non-ferrous metals).

    At the request of companies in Russia and the CIS, a number of studies were carried out:
    The review of the market of calcium chloride in the CIS (11th edition)
    Raw kaolin and enriched kaolin market overview in the CIS (9th edition)
    The review of the market of zinc chloride in Russia
    Overview of the tantalum market and its products in Russia and in the world (7th edition)
    Cement Market Overview in Russia (5th Edition)
    Aluminum fluoride market overview in Russia and the world
    Overview of the global coal market, the role and perspective of Russia
    Cable Plastics Market Overview in Russia (6th Edition)
    Overview of the market for carbide metalworking tools in Russia
    Overview of proposals for imported conveyor equipment in the Russian market
    Helium Market Review in Russia (3rd Edition)
    CIS market for silicate blocks and liquid glass (7th edition)
    Overview of the antifreeze and household coolant market in Russia
    Market Overview of the Base Non-ferrous Metals in the World (Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Nickel, Tin) (2nd edition)
    Rare Metals Market Review in Russia (2nd Edition)

    Nitric Acid Market Review in Russia (3rd Edition)

    The Infomine experts also updated a number of studies that are “landmark” for us:
    CIS Petroleum Coke (Crude and Calcined) Market Overview (21st Edition)
    The review of the market of sulfur (lumpy, liquid, granular) in the CIS (15th edition)
    Market review of rare earth elements (metals) in Russia (12th edition)
    The review of the market of technical salt (sodium chloride) in the CIS (10th edition)
    The review of the market of sulfuric acid and oleum in the CIS (9th edition)

    The company also issued a number of reports related to the review of new projects in the industry:
    Overview of Russian rare metals projects and evaluation of their implementation
    Overview of mineral fertilizer projects in Russia and the CIS and evaluation of their implementation
    Overview of projects in non-ferrous metallurgy in Russia and the CIS
    Review of methanol production projects in Russia and evaluation of their implementation

    In 2019, the company's experts published 4 articles in scientific and popular science publications. Also, employees made 4 reports at various conferences, seminars and meetings.
    The company received 5 positive reviews / letters of recommendation from various organizations.


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    May 2020

    Fuel cells for hydrogen energy in Russia and the world: Production, Market and Forecast

    May 2020

    Bentonite Clay and Mud Powder in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (8th edition)

    May 2020

    Tungsten in the CIS: Production, Market and Forecast (13th edition)

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